Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Things I'm Looking Forward To

It's been pretty quiet around here but I am looking forward to...

  • Halloween.  Many of our neighbors like to decorate for the holidays (see photo above) and we may do a bit of decorating ourselves this week.  It's just hard to get into the fall holiday spirit when it is still high 80s/low 90s here!
  • November 8th/the mid-term elections.  Mostly because I am so over the political mailers filling my mailbox, political text messages when I didn't even give anyone my cell number, horrible political ads on TV, and even people coming to my door to stump for candidates.  And also, 30 seconds of unskippable political ads on my tablet anytime I want to watch a YouTube video.  Blech
  • Over-the-counter hearing aids.  This has just been approved and while hubby gets all of his hearing aids and supplies free through the VA, we have some friends who can't afford the exorbitant price of hearing aids through the current channels.  Making hearing aids more affordable is a great idea to improve people's quality of life!
  • An upcoming CERT Exercise.  I love participating in our county's annual CERT (Community Emergency Response Training) exercise which will be happening in November; it's an interesting and fun way to spend the day!
  • With the days getting cooler, I look forward to walking everyday now.  Hopefully I will stumble upon some things like these!


  1. I want those kinds of items, too. I drove by a chair on move out day near a university. I grabbed the chair, but left it when I discovered it was missing an arm. I made another u-turn and left it, immediately made another u-turn and brought it home. I found someone who made another arm for $35, bought tapestry fabric for $36/yard. I took it to a local jr college where I enrolled in an upholstery class. The guys helped me with springs. I refinished it, and then upholstered it. Two friends who had antique shops wanted to buy it. I love curb shopping. Some of my best things were free.

    1. Wow that's a brilliant way to make an old chair new again!

  2. Have fallen behind on reading your posts.. but always love hearing about what is happening with you and your money saving shares.
    Cute skeleton... we are lucky no snow here in Alberta- we moved.. back home in our northern town its like full on winter with snow! They can have it! We are heading south in a few days! Stay tuned for new posts from us ...

    1. Hope you get down to some better weather soon--I was shocked when friends in northern Minnesota started posting videos of snow on the FB pages recently! Brrrr