Friday, November 13, 2009

Things Can Change. FAST

So I was going along with life yesterday and all was well with the world. Then we had a Board meeting and life changed pretty quickly. First there was the coup by a few Board members which completely changed the make up, and leadership of the Board of Directors for the company I work for. Then everyone in the office went into panic mode. Nothing has actually changed yet but, politically, the group was very well aligned with the former Chairman and Board. They basically let everyone have free reign as long as the work got done. Now the "axis of evil" group is in power.
I'm guessing this is the kind of thing that happened in Regency England when Kings ruled, people curried favor with the King, and then on a nasty day, the King would be dethroned, or worse, and all of his supporters would find themselves out on their collective asses. Not good.

I am so not political (or politically correct, but that's another post). I also don't play chess but I'm sure that chess skills would come in handy at moments like these as people maneuver two or three steps ahead of each other while the rest of us sit around and wonder what the the Hell happened.

Which brings us to the current situation. Nothing has happened as yet and there is some legal rumbling going on. We don't know how this situation will play out. Either the axis of evil group will be removed or they will remain in power. If they remain in power, things could get dicey. This particular group has a way of railroading people they don't like out of jobs. And they don't like the majority of us. So here are my concerns/comments in no particular order:
  • I would like to be out of debt before being dropped from a nicely lucrative job. Although I am working on the debt free thing, I figure it will take at least another year to complete this task.

  • I am in better shape than others. One lady who is fairly high up in the organization may very well be one of the first on the chopping block. And she spends like a maniac. I don't think she learned anything from the recession, probably because she had this cushy job and could continue spending with wild abandon, and now if she loses this job I don't know what will happen to her as she appears to be in massive debt. Scary.

  • I need to make a plan now and am kicking myself that I didn't have a plan ages ago. In fact, everyone should have an exit plan from their job because you never really know when your employment will come to a screeching halt.

  • Some things I won't do. Specifically, I won't work at a job that I don't like and/or work for people I don't like. And after years of watching how this particular group operates, I won't work for them unless they stay the Hell out of my way.

  • I need to simultaneously bulk up my emergency fund, pay down my debts, and broaden my sources of income. Immediately.

My task for tomorrow is to come up with a plan so that if worse comes to worse, I will be ready.

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