Monday, November 9, 2009

Where Do I Turn for Inspiration?

Sometimes it is hard to be digging yourself out of debt and living cash free. It can be stressful. And boring. Buying a new car is exciting. One minute you are in your living room pondering a new car (which, since you just started considering the purchase a few minutes ago and haven't actually saved any money towards, means you will be going into debt to buy it) and the next thing you know you are in the dealer's show room preparing to sign away your hard earned income for the next six years or so. The upside is that you leave with a beautiful new car that your neighbors will oohh and aawww at.
Then there is the cash-only, living within your means way to buy a car. You save money each month towards the car's purchase. Meanwhile you drive a crappy car that the neighbors giggle at. And you scrimp and save and drive the old car for a very long, boring time. Eventually you have enough money to purchase a car with cash. Since you are moving up from a clunker to a car that is nicer but not new, there is not a lot of pizazz in the process. You find a decent car, you haggle, you haggle some more, and you drive away with what you hope will be a good car that gets you around efficiently and economically. It probably won't be a car that is going to overwhelm anyone but that's OK.
The point I am trying to make is that living below your means while saving to buy the things you want is boring and a really slow process. No wonder credit cards are such a hit. So when I get bummed out that I don't get everything I want NOW and when I am bored to death waiting for something fun (that requires an outlay of cash) to happen, I turn to a number of really inspirational sites on the web. These sites are common sense, often times inspirational, blogs and websites from people who are doing the same thing I am trying to do and reaching small success milestones a little bit at a time. Then I don't feel so bad, like I am the only one crazy enough to try to change my financial future. Here are a bunch of great sites to check out:
  • Dave Ramsey (I love Dave!)
  • Dollar Stretcher (lots of good articles and they sometimes buy articles from me!)
  • Simple Dollar (lots of good tips and insight)
  • Consumerist (news and articles about shady practices by companies that impact consumers)
  • Enemy of Debt (a new blog I just found with a great name and inspiring articles)
  • Saving Advice (a compendium of blogs by people from all walks of life trying to get out of debt)
  • Deliver Away Debt (a guy who delivers pizzas to earn extra money just like Dave says to do. Cool!)
  • Man vs Debt (a family that sold everything to pay down debt and is cash flowing their world travel)
  • Get Rich Slowly (nice name...that is what I intend to do. Good articles too.)
  • Less is Enough (I found this blog when the writer did an experiment to feed herself for a dollar a day for a month. I like radical experiments. I wish she would post more.)
  • Wise Bread (this site has a cadre of great writers and interesting financial topics)
  • Brip Blap (I like this guy's writing style. Good articles on money)

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  1. The best feeling in the world is to look at your "Paid off" car in the driveway and think "I can afford a new one for cash" and just smile because you know you do not need or want one.