Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to Put an Extra $1000 in Your Pocket in One Week

Whether you need to bulk up (or start) an emergency fund, your furnace finally decided to go toes up, or you just want to comfort of having an extra $1000 in cash in your pocket, here's how to gather up an extra $1000 in only one week:
  1. Have a garage sale. Everyone has extra stuff laying around. Put an ad on Craigslist, hand paint some signs to hang around the neighborhood, and hold a one or two day sale. Net: $100.
  2. Sell something on eBay. You can sell higher value, easily shippable items on eBay and have the product sold, paid for, and shipped during the course of a three-day auction. Items that seem to sell particularly well: cell phones and other small electronics, name brand purses, name brand shoes, new things. Net: $100.
  3. Sell something on Craigslist. On Craigslist you can sell bigger, bulkier items that would be too costly to ship if you sold them through eBay. This is also a great way to sell items and get a better price than selling them at a garage sale. Simply put a free ad on Craigslist for your unused or out grown bicycles, the punching bag that started out as a good idea but is seldom used, the basketball hoop that the kids left behind when they moved out, the treadmill you used a couple of times, or anything else that you don't need. Net: $100.
  4. Sell your gold to a reputable local dealer. Look through your jewelry box and find broken gold chains/rings/bracelets or gold items that you no longer wear and sell them to a local gold dealer (I don't recommend sending your gold to places that advertise on late night TV, local dealers tend to pay more). Net: $100.
  5. Pocket $100 out of your weekly shopping money and force the family to eat the food that you already have at home. You may find food that you haven't seen in ages at the bottom of your freezer or in the back of your cabinets. This is an excellent way to both save money and clean out your cupboards/freezer! Net: $100.
  6. Work overtime or an extra shift. Depending on your job, you may be able to work an extra shift or pick up some overtime and pocket the extra cash. If this is not possible, check out the Craigslist ads for 'gigs' which provide one-time job opportunities. Net: $100.
  7. Advertise a service on Craigslist. There has to be something you can do for one day that can net you some extra cash with a cleverly worded ad and some good before and after pictures. Mowing lawns, house cleaning, etc. Net: $100.
  8. Sell blood or plasma. Depending on your proclivities, you may also consider selling semen (to fertility clinics) and/or participating in medical research studies (yikes) which often pay very well. Net: $100.
  9. Sell stuff. Whether you choose to sell cut firewood, home-made bird houses, or oranges on the side of the road or buy pizzas in bulk and hustle them after the big football game, the idea of buying low (wholesale) then modifying/repackaging the product and raking in a profit can be done nearly anywhere Net: $100.
  10. Get creative! Write up a couple of articles and sell them to local newspapers or online publications, slap some advertising on your vehicle (for a fee) and earn as you do your errands, develop a website and sell a product online such as an e-book or e-lessons or e-consulting. Obviously you don't want to fall for "pay us and we'll tell you how to make money online scams;" there is plenty of free information on the web about making money online. Net: $100.

There. That's $1,000 that you can very conceivably add to your savings account at the end of one week. Good luck!

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