Thursday, April 1, 2010

Could You Lower Your Food Bill to $1 Per Day?

Well I would like to try but I am sure the hubby would nix that idea rather quickly because he Lots of good food. He is the kind that likes to cook with exotic spices, top quality meat, and interesting (read expensive) artisanal cheeses.
But, should you be interested in giving such a challenge a shot, here are some blogs to read first:
  • I initially heard that such a thing as living on $1 a day for ALL of your food was possible when this lady did a month long challenge to prove that a person could actually survive on $1 a day for food. She made the national news, and her blog held everyone's attention as she recorded everything she bought, each meal she was able to create, and each challenge she faced as she worked to prove her point that such a feat was possible.
  • Now there is this lady who was inspired by the previous blogger (and by her lack of money) to see if it would be possible to take the $1 a day challenge to the next level and eat on $1 a day for an entire year. It should be an interesting blog...and an interesting year for the blogger.
  • And here is one more guy who also did a similar experiment.

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