Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Goal Update and Some Links

First, the good news: We sold the bed in our guest room today for $300 so we are now up to $1000, two thirds of the way to our goal! While I am sure we will reach our goal of $1500 in the next few days, I am also pretty sure I won't do this type of challenge again, it's too stressful! What if stuff doesn't sell? What if stuff will sell but not at the price we want? What if we don't make our goal and our house payment is late (of course I will dip into the emergency fund before that happens but still...)?
The not so good news: We have had lots of showings of our house but still no takers. So we are kind of living in limbo--no renovating our house because it may sell soon, no travel plans set yet because what if the house doesn't sell? We decided that if it doesn't sell by July, we will take it off the market, do some renovating (mostly new appliances and counter tops) then scale back our travel plans for this fall.
And some interesting links:

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