Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 Things You Will Find Useful (And That May Save You Money)

It's been a busy news week and I have learned quite a few things that I want to share with you, my readers:
  1. The new iPhone/iTouch operating system came out yesterday. It's a free upgrade. Here's a couple of articles about it here and here.
  2. Google Voice is now free to everyone (you used to have to receive an invitation in order to use this free service).
  3. Is it cheaper to rent or buy? This infographic explains both options.
  4. Cool article...How to Become a Millionaire in Three Years.
  5. 50 Healthy Foods for Under $1 a Pound.
  6. Who knew there was a consumerist organization for funerals? From this site I learned that you can order a casket online and act as your own funeral director. Interesting.
  7. I'm a big fan of LifeRemix...lots of useful financial and lifehack info.
  8. An interesting way to bust a grifter.
  9. I just got a new iTouch. My favorite apps to date: Skype, a Free WiFi finder, Sudoku, free e-books (I'm reading the Mysterious Case of Benjamin Button), and free TV shows (I downloaded an episode of Hawthorne and Criminal Minds).
  10. You only have a few more days to post your video on YouTube for America's Got Talent (you could win a million dollars!).

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