Saturday, July 24, 2010

25 Things About Me

Taking a cue from one of Betsy's recent posts, I thought I would share a bit about myself. A couple of times over the past few years, a blogger will start a "25 things about me" post then pretty soon everyone would do it and it actually ends up to be a pretty cool set of lists, kind of like a "carnival about me" in which you find out that your favorite bloggers really are the interesting, quirky people they appear to be. I'm not sure how interesting or quirky I am but here goes...
  1. I have Asperger's Syndrome. I am not horribly afflicted but it is there.
  2. I am also Face Blind to a degree. A nice researcher at Harvard is trying to help me recognize faces.
  3. I can eat the same food every day for a month and it won't bother me.
  4. I can sing in a half dozen languages even though I don't often know what I am saying since if I hear a song, I can easily learn it phonetically (see #1).
  5. People think I am some sort of tech guru when in actuality, I just Google a lot.
  6. My husband is 20 years older than I am. We are also an inter-racial couple (we didn't know we were an inter-racial couple until about eight years into our marriage when we saw a couple that looked like us on Oprah talking about their inter-racial relationship. Me: "hubby, did you know we are an inter-racial couple?" Hubby: "no, who said" Me: "Oprah" Hubby: "wow...I didn't know that" Me: "me neither. Shocking.").
  7. I love coffee drinks like a coffee frapuccino or Baskin Robbins cappuccino blast but have never drank a cup of coffee--the taste is overwhelmingly strong.
  8. I am child free by choice. I admire wonderful moms and find kids to be interesting to observe but just never had the desire to have my own children.
  9. I hate drama in my life, I don't see the need for it. Either your life is generally good and happy or you change it to make it so. I don't understand people who need a constant flurry of drama to keep their lives interesting.
  10. I don't drink, smoke, or use drugs. Ick.
  11. The shortest job I ever had was three days. I had to sit at a desk and enter data into a computer. My co-workers told me not to work so fast or it would make them look bad. I thought if I had to work like that for the rest of my life I would want to slit my wrists eventually so I quit instead.
  12. I feel more comfortable around people from different cultures than around whites--odd since I was born and raised in a very rural, all white place.
  13. I can hear electricity. Usually if I am standing near a wall or any other place that there is an electrical current, I can hear it.
  14. My purpose in life is to help people, I have known this nearly all my life.
  15. I didn't finish college. I made more money with my own business than I would have made being a teacher which is what I wanted to be when I went to college.
  16. I admire people who are successful in a variety of areas when being successful in any one area would have been a lifetime achievement for others. John Nance is a good example, he is an airline pilot, colonel, famous writer, sought after speaker, etc.
  17. I love to read. All throughout school, instead of going to the cafeteria for lunch, I would hang out in the library and read. You can still find me at Barnes and Noble reading quite often.
  18. I need to be at sea level, near the ocean, most of the time. It makes me happy.
  19. I can be very social and outgoing if it is part of my job, but I generally like to be by myself or hang out with the hubby.
  20. I have always worked, starting with working in the school cafeteria to get free lunches. I bought my first car at 16 and my first house at 19. I have always felt like an adult with adult responsibilities even when I was 12.
  21. I wish I was artistic. I can barely draw stick figures.
  22. People think I can do a lot of things (rock climb, speak a foreign language, ballroom dance, design a website, etc) but I am really not that talented. I am just always interested in learning new things and will try everything that comes along whether I am good at it or not.
  23. I need to figure out how to be comfortable having money. My tendency is to spend it and I think this relates to when I was a kid. Any time I got money someone (a parade of adults who were way irresponsible with money) would borrow the money I had saved and never pay it back. I guess I feel like if I don't use my money right away, someone will take it away from me.
  24. I have five step kids. Some I helped raise. Others that I continue to help today. Also 11 step grand kids and two step great grand kids (yikes!).
  25. I can bake amazing things but can't cook to save my life.

So that's all I can think of about me. I hope others who read this will write their own lists and link back to their list in the comments because I find this kind of info fascinating.


  1. I enjoyed your list and so I copied you and made my own list.

  2. Great list. I'm not sure if I could come up with 25 things about myself that are interesting enough to list.

  3. I'm so glad to get to know you better! What an interesting life you have led, and continue to lead. By the way, we have #3, #8, and #19 in common.