Sunday, July 11, 2010

Days 1-10 of My Health Month

One of my goals this year is to be as healthy as possible for a period of one junk food, exercising every day, watching what I eat, etc. A second goal is to make a doctor's appointment for my annual physical which I have skipped for the past few years. These two seemed to be quite compatible so I decided to schedule my doctor's appointment 45 days out from July 1st and do my "health month" right up until my doctor's appointment. Ideally this will mean I end up with good results from my medical exam and it gives me a really good reason to stick to my goal of being healthy for a month. Here's my update from days 1-10.

Start date: July 1, 2010. End date: August 16, 2010.
Starting stats:
--take start and end photo (I will post these together at the end of this experiment)
--weight: 155!!! :( I'm only 5'3"!
--Fasting blood sugar: 101 (could be better)
--Blood pressure: 119/78 (good!)
--Hips 39", waist 32", chest 34" (I think I measured correctly...I'm not sure...)

--take vitamins daily (iron, B complex, D, C, fish oil)
--exercise two hours a day
--no: chocolate, caffeine, wheat, Starbucks, refined sugar, dairy (except cheese and yogurt)
--have a fruit or vegetable and protein with each meal

Day 1
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: big handful of cherries, half apple, two hard boiled eggs
--snack: dried apricots, handful of sunflower seeds
--lunch: pot roast, potatoes, gravy, tomato slices
--snack: strawberry/banana smoothie
--dinner: chili
--dessert: yogurt and granola
--exercise: 1 hour treadmill, 1/2 hour dance, 1/2 hour weights and yoga
--motto: only 46 more days to go, I can do this

Day 2
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: big handful of cherries, three pieces swiss cheese, three pieces of turkey
--snack: popcorn
--lunch: steak, salad, french fries
--snack: grazing at Costco
--dinner: dried apricots, baked beans, coleslaw
--dessert: yogurt and granola
--exercise: none :(
--motto: I want a frap, I want a frap NOW

Day 3
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: 1/2 apple, yogurt and granola
--lunch: side salad and chili at Wendy's
--snack: trail mix and watermelon
--dinner: shrimp pancit
--dessert: watermelon smoothie
--exercise: 10k volksmarch (walk)
--motto: I can zip my pants without sucking in first!

Day 4
--took all vitamins
--brunch: watermelon, cheese and onion omelet
--lunch: baked beans, coleslaw, pancit
--snack: watermelon, trail mix, rice chips
--dinner: cucumber slices, roast beef with mustard
--dessert: yogurt and granola
--exercise: moving furniture ALL DAY
--motto: I hate moving furniture!

Day 5
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: 1/2 apple, granola with milk and raisins (I wasn't supposed to have milk but cereal and milk is a quick breakfast)
--lunch: pancit, cold roast beef
--snack: watermelon, rice chips, cucumbers, granola and peanut butter
--dinner: baked beans
--dessert: dried dates, handful of potato chips
--exercise: shopping all day for home renovation stuff
--motto: lack of impulse control, milk wasn't in the plan but I couldn't resist

Day 6
--took all vitamins
--grazing all day (all kitchen appliances have been removed and we won't have new ones for two days, installing kitchen floor, and doing other renovation work): two tacos from Taco Bell, watermelon, granola with raisins and milk, Burger King side salad and french fries
--exercise: moving appliances, runner for stuff at the home store, helping with new floor install
--motto: I dislike moving appliances too

Day 7
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: watermelon, granola with milk and raisins
--lunch: hummus with mixed raw vegies, rice crackers, banana
--dinner: carne asada, shrimp, rice, beans, corn chips and salsa
--exercise: two hours kayaking
--motto: hubby said I am losing weight and my body is looking fine! :)

Day 8
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: granola with raisins and milk
--snack: watermelon, trail mix
--dinner: green chili chicken, rice, tomato salad
--exercise: thoroughly cleaned house, installed appliances, runner to store (about 5 times)
--motto: it's too HOT to eat

Day 9
--took all vitamins
--lunch: piece of fried cod, french fries, coleslaw, big bite of cheesecake, big bite of creme brulee
--snack: 1/3 raspberry frap (no caffeine; a friend gave it to me so I was polite and drank 1/3 of it before throwing it away...she didn't know I was on this diet and I didn't want to be rude)
--snack: watermelon
--dinner: shrimp foo yung, gravy, rice
--dessert: granola and yogurt
--exercise: none :(
--motto: divorce makes you sad. When you are sad, you want to eat dessert all day long

Day 10
--took all vitamins
--lunch: salmon, rice, salad
--snack: watermelon smoothie, handful of potato chips, pecan granola bar
--dinner: phad thai
--dessert: granola and yogurt
--exercise: cleaning, errands
--motto: I can't believe my period came on without all the usual bitchiness, bloating, nausea, cramps, and headache...could it be the new diet?

Overall this experiment has been pretty successful so far. I haven't exercised as much as I wanted to but I have stuck to the dieting part pretty well. Day 9 was a bit challenging because I went with my friend and another friend to her divorce hearing and after that she wanted to EAT. Usually this is what we do...we go to a coffee shop and have dessert, then a frap...and it is hard to change habits in the middle of a crisis. I think something as simple as not eating wheat (and all of the junk food that has wheat in it that I love--cookies, crackers, etc) along with not having a Frap/ice cream everyday has really made a difference. The last ten days of my challenge I may try to take all fried foods off the list of food I eat as well.


  1. Good for you! Have you weighed yourself or are you saving it for the end?

  2. I'm saving it for my official weigh in with my doctor. In my final post I list my ending weight and my before and after pix.