Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Days 11-20 of my Health Month

Here's the update on my health month so far:

Day 11
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: banana
--snack: trail mix, watermelon smoothie
--lunch: phad thai, rice
--snack: rice crackers, potato chips
--dinner: beef brisket, salad, corn, baked beans
--dessert: yogurt, granola
--exercise: yard work
--comment: I'm amazed my period wasn't so dramatic this month like it usually is...must be the diet

Day 12
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: banana
--snack: handful potato chips
--lunch: salmon, salad, little bit of rice
--snack: watermelon, potato chips, granola bar, dried apricots
--dinner: sweet and sour meatballs, rice, tomatoes, cucumbers
--dessert: yogurt and granola
--exercise: none :(
--comment: I'm sooo lazy today...and hungry

Day 13
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: granola, raisins, milk
--snack: cheese, raw vegies and dip
--lunch: pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy
--snack: watermelon, potato chips, granola bar
--dinner: KFC chicken, cole slaw, mashed potatoes
--exercise: none
--comment: eating on the run all day today

Day 14
--took all vitamins
--brunch: watermelon, phad thai
--snack: trail mix
--dinner: chicken adobo, rice
--dessert: strawberries, swiss cheese
--exercise: painting for three hours
--comment: I'm sunburned

Day 15
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: 1/2 apple, fried eggs, baked beans
--snack: strawberry smoothie
--lunch: salad and salmon
--snack: watermelon, lychees
--dinner: two homemade tacos
--dessert: dates
--exercise: paint for 1/2 hour, mall walk
--comment: something is giving me a rash..the vitamins?

Day 16
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: 1/2 apple, egg
--snack: yogurt
--dinner: corn chips, rice, spinach burrito in a corn shell
--exercise: none, driving for eight hours
--comment: I need to exercise more!

Day 17
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: 1/2 apple, granola, raisins, milk
--lunch: rice, beans, spinach burrito, four bites deep fried cheesecake (gift from friend so couldn't turn it down)
--snack: tangerine, watermelon, granola bar
--dinner: salad
--dessert: yogurt and granola
--exercise: none :(
--comment: the taste of sugar in the cheesecake was overwhelming

Day 18
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: 1/2 apple, granola, raisins, milk
--snack: watermelon, granola bar
--lunch: fish, chips, coleslaw
--snack: 1/2 Baskin Robbins Blast
--dinner: beef steak, rice cucumbers
--dessert: dates
--exercise: walking but not much
--comment: epic fail on the diet today because I couldn't resist the Blast which I shared with the hubby but instead of giving up and going back to eating, well,...everything, I decided to try to stick with the diet for the rest of the month (usually when I fall off the diet wagon, I give up and go back to my bad eating habits but maybe allowing for a bit of failure but continuing to eat as nutritiously as possible is a better option)

Day 19
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: granola, milk, raisins
--lunch: beef nachos
--snack: watermelon
--dinner: small piece of chicken adobo and rice
--dessert: dried apricots
--exercise: none
--comment: still feeling the affects of yesterday's caffeine

Day 20
--took all vitamins
--breakfast: blueberries, two hard boiled eggs
--lunch: salmon, rice, salad
--snack: watermelon, yogurt and granola
--dinner: rice, teriyaki chicken
--exercise: none...again
--comment: I need to eat more vegetables; I totally OD on fresh fruit during the summer when it is in season

That's it so far...nothing spectacular and while I feel a bit better, it doesn't seem like I have lost much weight. We'll see how the next ten days go...
p.s. I am totally craving a Starbucks Green Tea Frap!!

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  1. Stay encouraged, you're doing well. Glad you didn't let the misstep ruin your diet; they're bound to happen at some point.