Saturday, October 23, 2010

Goal #4 Completed--Go to Connecticut

After our cruise we flew up to Connecticut to visit family (three birthday parties are planned for this week alone here!). This completes goal #4 on my goal list.
We wanted to work in a trip to Connecticut sometime this year which is why I put it on my goal list and it just so happened that it worked out that we could come here after our cruise so here we are. And, as part of the goal, hubby is playing a satellite tournament for the World Poker Tour at Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard, CT as I type this (I have a favorite spot between Foxwoods and MGM where I can plug in my netbook, get free wi fi, and eat Dunkin Donuts so I'm all set here while he plays).

I love Connecticut in the fall. The trees are beautiful (we're going to Vermont in a few days so I can get some good leaf pictures), the weather is cool but still sunny, and the Italian food is to die for (ravioli and lots of tasty bread at Illiano's in New London this evening).

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