Saturday, October 9, 2010

Leaving Atlanta

Well, we're off to accomplish some more goals on the list, namely, a 12-day Caribbean cruise so you won't see any posts here for a couple of weeks. As I get ready to leave Atlanta, here's some thoughts:
  • I found out that we actually aren't in Atlanta. We are north of Atlanta in one of the many yuppie suburbs in the area.
  • I've never seen so many McMansions in my life as I have in this part of the world.
  • They have a lot of golf courses here.
  • And a lot of shopping. I don't think this part of the country got the memo that we are in a recession because it seems like EVERYONE is out shopping and eating in expensive restaurants.
  • They seem to have an equal number of bars and churches here (and lots of both!). Hmmm
  • The earth here is red which I find really cool, our dirt is a boring brown.
  • The food here is excellent. I can totally see why this part of the country is the most overweight--the food is too good to resist.
  • The weather is excellent here as well. Back home it is a gloomy, rainy, 50 degrees, here it is a bright, sunny 80 degrees. In October. Wow.
  • I did absolutely nothing for the past ten days. We are lodging in the guest wing of my sister in law's house. We have this huge, beautiful space and no itinerary to do anything so we just enjoyed the time relaxing and doing very little of anything. We did eat. A lot. Fitting into a bathing suit for the cruise just isn't going to happen...maybe a muu muu.
  • I did do something, however. I am 20,000 words into a novel I am writing. I have always wanted to write a book and have it published so I figured why not now? So I have been writing every day which has been cool and fun.
  • I may have committed Business Suicide; RIP Me. Actually the email I sent to the imploding organization that I do a ton of work for was meant to be helpful, however I don't know if it will be taken as such. I wrote up the email, hit send, then put on my vacation email responder so I won't have to worry about answering any emails for two weeks.
  • I think subconsciously starting the book was a reaction to the fact that I probably won't have a job when I get back home.
  • Television is a huge time suck. I realized this because I don't have much interest in the oddly arranged channels of the cable service provider here so I barely watched TV. The result? I had lots of time to write, and I realized how much time I waste watching TV.
  • The people here are beautiful to look at. I don't know why but they are.
  • I got to see Dave Ramsey in person!
  • Finally, I read this article and thought that this guy's life sounds like it totally rocks--I'm going to be a minimalist when I grow up.
  • And finally, finally, I was looking around the internet and found that one of my favorite Korean dramas (subtitled in English) has finally been posted in it's entirety. I will have a couple of weeks in New England after the cruise and plan to watch the entire thing then.

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  1. Wow...sounds like you are having a great time! Congrats with the start of the novel. Im glad to be back to some of my fav blogs. Ive been catching up on past posts.

    And, YES, I know all abou the DELICIOUNSESS that is deep south cooking. Im a souther girl born and bred!