Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Quick Update

It seems like all I have been posting lately is updates but things seem to be moving rather quickly around here...
  • We listed our house for sale (again) this morning and had a potential buyer look at it this afternoon. Tomorrow I will take my friend's advice and toss a small piece of our house (a small piece of wood from one of the beams in the garage) and throw it into the canal by our house. She said fast moving water so I hope that counts. She said that when she did that, thus releasing her house to new buyers, her house sold in three days!
  • A while back I reported that hubby had agreed to cut out his expensive Philippine stations from our cable plan (saving about $70 a month!). He recently found that he could watch shows from all of the stations in the Philippines for free online. So now he is a happy camper, he has told many of his family members about this (they too are talking about cancelling cable now), and we are now considering cancelling cable all together.
  • I met up with a friend today who I haven't seen in a couple of months. Her husband passed away last week and we had a long chat about everything that had happened while I was away on vacation. This kind of reinforced a bunch of things for me, namely that you never know when someone will die (he had some medical issues but they were scheduled to leave on a cruise today) so I want to spend as much time as possible with the hubby now before it is too late (he is 20 years older than me and not getting any younger!). She also wondered out loud about what she would do with all of her stuff (they were both well employed, had a huge house, and owned nearly every material item known to man); ironically she said they bought so much stuff so that the other would be happy but he couldn't take it with him and she doesn't care about the stuff, her only thought now is that he is gone and she is miserable. Kind of realigns one's priorities in a hurry.
  • Hubby is now on board with selling everything in the house before we move. Before he was pretty tied to his stuff but today he was making plans for an "estate sale". The realtor said it is better to list it as such instead of as a garage sale because #1 we are selling everything in the house (thus 'estate') and #2 people like to go to garage sales in the summer and estate sales year round. Makes sense to me!
  • FYI--Tomorrow is National Survivors of Suicide Day. Events will be held all over the country and a webcast will be available online.
  • We're throwing a "farewell party/big Thanksgiving day blow out" at our house next week. Since we don't have much family around where we live, we usually meet up with another couple and go out for dinner for the holiday, however it honor of pretty soon not having a house, we figured that this may be one of the last times we will be able to throw such a big party. I have been hunting down loss leaders at local stores for the past two weeks and I think we have everything we need for dinner. We have invited lots of friends and acquaintances, I got a huge turkey for 27 cents a pound, and we are semi cleaning out our cabinets (so we won't have lots of food left when we move) and will probably be cooking up some interesting dishes along with the usual fare (don't know what I will do with 20 cans of pinto beans but I am guessing they will end up on the menu somehow). As usual, I am using cash to purchase everything.