Sunday, December 5, 2010

50 Tech Tips

Here's all I know about technology. Some of it is free, most is useful, and all should be interesting. Enjoy!
  1. Best way to keep in touch with the family: FaceBook
  2. Best way to keep in touch with online friends: Twitter
  3. Favorite way to video chat online with friends: Yahoo Messenger
  4. Best way to text friends in Asia: Chikka
  5. Best way to find help with any problem: 211
  6. Best way to make free phone calls: Skype
  7. Best free email (I pay $20 a year to get rid of the ads): Yahoo Mail
  8. Best news and info agregator by topic: AllTop
  9. Best news and social media agregator: PopUrls
  10. Best web host: Webhero
  11. Best cell plan (I have an old plan with an excellent rate): TMobile
  12. Favorite cell phone: MyTouch Slide
  13. Favorite search engine: Google
  14. Best place to sell small electronics online: EBay
  15. Best place to sell other stuff: CraigsList
  16. Best place to book travel: Travelocity and Orbitz
  17. Favorite blogging host: Blogger
  18. Favorite web design software: Expression Web
  19. Best place to find free CSS templates: Free CSS
  20. Best place to find free software:
  21. Best online tech reviews: CNet
  22. Best online message board: Ask Metafilter
  23. The digital camera that I use: Canon PowerShot 1300
  24. The digital video camera I use: Flip Mino Ultra HD
  25. The bag I carry my tech stuff in: TimBuk2
  26. Favorite office software: Microsoft Office Professional 2007
  27. Favorite free office software: Open Office
  28. I earn ad revenue via: AdSense
  29. I receive money online via: PayPal
  30. Favorite link shortener: Bitly
  31. Favorite social media blog agregator: LifeRemix
  32. Best free photo optimizer for the web: Web Resizer
  33. The only places I shop online: REI Outlet and Amazon
  34. The mapping program I always use: MapQuest
  35. Favorite place to get some consumer satisfaction: Consumerist
  36. Favorite news site: CNN
  37. Most interesting blogging platform: Tumblr
  38. When I need to find a Spanish verb conjugation: Spanish Verb Forms
  39. When I need financial inspiration: Dave Ramsey
  40. When I want to keep up with the latest tech news and info: LifeHacker and Wired
  41. My favorite online geek: Kevin Kelly
  42. My favorite online aspy: Penelope Trunk
  43. When I need some news of the world: All You Can Read
  44. When I need gift ideas for the geeky people in my life (myself included): Cool Tools
  45. Best place to watch videos online: YouTube and Hulu
  46. When I need to find my nearest volksmarch: AVA
  47. When I need to find a nearby walk/run: Map My Run
  48. Or when I want to find some sort of other physical activity in my area:
  49. Useful: 20 Places to download free ebooks
  50. Useful: Universities with the best free online courses

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