Wednesday, December 1, 2010

(Another) Update: I Quit My Job Today. Wow.

I heard about a guy named Dave Deshler who made last year (or was it this year?) his "Year of Awesomeness". Unfortunately I've Googled and can't even find a web page about him, only a two sentence blurb about his project in Backpacker Magazine.
I fully intend to make 2011 my Year of Awesomeness but decided to get a jump start on the year by making my first definitive move today. I met with the Board of my businesses main client today and terminated my contract with them effective December 31st. Now for some businesses, that might not be a big deal, after all, you can get other clients, but for me, this was definitely a big deal. Firstly, they are my main client, the one which provides the income to pay my mortgage, and I have been with them for over eight years. Secondly, as many will tell you, because the economy is so crappy, now is hardly a good time to make oneself purposely unemployed. Thirdly, I have never actually quit a job without having something better lined up and in this case, I have exactly nothing lined up. Yikes.
But, after all of the drama at the organization over the past few months, doing this just felt like the right thing to do. It seemed like the natural time to let this situation dissolve into the past and move forward with new projects (what projects, I have no idea).
So here I sit, pondering my future, wired up on caffeine, and feeling unusually free for the first time in decades.
A possible omen of better things to come...I ran across a book at Barnes and Noble today (I think the title was How to Stop Worrying and Start Living) which had a great quote to live by. The way to awesomeness (I'm paraphrasing) is to stop worrying about yesterday, don't worry about tomorrow, but focus on today and be awesome (again, paraphrasing). Definitely words to live by. I can hardly wait to see what awesome things I will do tomorrow.


  1. Wow! That was a very brave move. You have courage and guts.

    I often hear and read about people wanting to terminate their job because they hate it, looking for something better or just tried of working. But something keeps them there like bills, kids or just the fears of not having a job. I admire people like you that can say see you later job.

    I love my job and would not leave it for nothing in the world. They will have to give me the boot. My job has been a true blessing to me and I cherish it like family. I know that is not a good statement but it is true. My job is not going to make me a millionaire but it is serving a great purpose.

    Since I paid off my bills the money I make is for me not the credit card companies. All my years of working it was to pay someone that I owed money to. Being debt free makes life so much better. Now I work for my retirement, vacations, wardrobe and good food. I love it!

    I wish you luck and happiness on your journey. Don't be afraid are have regrets.

    Have tons of fun!

  2. I think quitting a job is about the coolest feeling thing you can do in a working life. It's like the whole world opens up in front of you.

  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement! While I love to work, finding the right kind of work, like lyricgirl has done, is I think the key to happiness and it will be one of my goals in the upcoming months. Thanks!