Thursday, December 30, 2010

My New Year Resolution

My new year's resolution this year is to have no resolutions! That's right. While other people are writing their lists and checking them twice, I decided to have nothing to do with this time-honored tradition.
A few days ago, I dutifully wrote my list of 100 goals for the year. I am a rather list-y person and have, until the last few days, always had a list of things to do. Actually I am known for my lists of things to do and occasionally I write lists of things for other people to do (this is what hastened my departure from my business's main client--seems the new Chairman of the Board was not used to me and when I wrote him a list of things he needed to do he literally flipped out. He was raving about me working for him not the other way around and he was actually turning purple as he was telling me this. That was when I figured out we wouldn't be compatible working together. That was also the impetus for me to close up shop, sell the house, move, and now embark on a year of travel). But I digress.
Anyway, I looked at my list of 100 goals. I thought about them. I dreamed about them. Then I wondered why, when at the very moment that my calendar has exactly zero appointments on it for the entire upcoming year, I would jump back into my compulsive need to structure all of my time. So I deleted the list from my computer and gave myself the give of having nothing to do for the foreseeable future.
I do have one resolution this year, however. And that is to let each day unfold and see where it leads me. There will be a few parameters, of course. Mostly I will be limited by my finances, or the lack there of. So I anticipate some interesting but relatively cheap/free experiences. I also intend to exercise daily (we'll see how long that vow lasts), and I want to write. Everyday. I have about 75,000 words of a book written that needs to be polished than shopped to a publisher. Also, I want some sort of adventure or new experience every day. That's about it. So my one resolution for the year is to do nothing and let life show me where I am supposed to go. Happy New Year!


  1. I love your approach to a non resolutionary year.

  2. Thanks! Instead of always doing I just want to "be". Kind of a Zen-like approach if you ask me :)