Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 Things I Like to Splurge On

While I am usually pretty careful with how I spend my money, I occasionally like to splurge. Here are ten things I don't mind paying more for:
  1. Real maple syrup.
  2. Purses (Coach and LeSportsac mostly)
  3. Notebooks (I have a paper fetish and love beautiful notepads and notebooks)
  4. Baskin Robbins Blast (more expensive than a comparable Starbucks drink but sooo tasty!)
  5. Higher end candy (especially quality dark chocolate and imported black licorice)
  6. Quality shoes (Born, Keen, Ryka, etc)
  7. Pilot ink pens (the only kind of pens I use)
  8. High quality sheets and comforters (I'm super picky about this and require 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets along with a down comforter with cotton comforter cover...no polyester!)
  9. Travel (we tend to be bargain basement travelers but travel more often than most people)
  10. Occasional experiences with other people (it makes more sense to take all of the kids on a cruise than give gifts they won't use/will get rid of soon, I would rather treat friends to lunch and the museum than give them a gift card...I like to give memories!)

Well that's my list of splurges. These are the things that mean the most to me. What do you splurge on?


  1. I just found your blog and am enjoying it. I agree with a lot of things on your list. I'm a pen/paper lover too and don't think anything of buying expensive pens and paper. I've decided some items, like those you listed, are worth paying more for because they either last a long time or are just things I really like and I'm willing to pay the higher price.

  2. Thanks! Glad to know I am not the only one who likes these things because no one else I know thinks these things are important.