Monday, January 24, 2011

Bummer Day

I am generally about 98% positive but some days I wish I had just stayed in bed. It hasn't been a very good day and a half:
  • We had a shooting at a Walmart a few towns over yesterday. Two deputies were shot, fortunately they weren't killed. A deputy shot and killed the man who had started the whole incident, and a 13 year old girl who was with the guy was killed in the cross fire. This was a pretty rural Walmart where people never think about having to dodge bullets. I guess these things can happen anywhere. Sad.
  • Jack LaLanne died yesterday which is also sad. I am happy that he had a long, healthy, happy life but it seems like the end of an era with his passing.
  • (TMI) I had an appointment for a pelvic exam this morning and apparently I didn't pay attention when I was making the appointment because I have my period today so I had to cancel my appointment at the last minute. I'm sure my doctor isn't happy.
  • I did my taxes today and was stunned to find out that I owe about double what I expected to owe for my 2010 taxes. Even with hubby not working last year, somehow I earned a lot more money last year than I thought I had. It didn't help that my deductions went way down too (since we refinanced our house to a 15 year term a few years ago and a low 4.3% interest rate, we simply don't have the big mortgage interest rate deduction that we used to). Bummer.
  • Our house is so empty and depressing. I am still happy that we are leaving it's just that looking at the few remnants of our life that are left, it kind of feels like we have sold off many of our memories.
  • I'm still stressing over where we will go first after our house closes. It will either be Japan, Philippines, Connecticut, Atlanta in the first few months or Atlanta, Connecticut, Japan, Philippines. The only stressful parts are our free flights with the military to Asia. With no guarantee that we will get on any particular flight, it makes it hard to buy tickets to the other locations and I really don't want to be stranded in Japan waiting for flights because it is super expensive there.
  • My computer is acting up and I want to throw it out the window. It keeps freezing up. I think it is something with the IE browser but even changing it to Firefox doesn't help. So I have had to do the system restore thing...about three times. Ugh. But I don't want to buy a new computer now because I am waiting for the Sandy Bridge processor from Intel but have no idea when it will be out. And I don't know if I should buy a new computer because I have a boatload of taxes to pay...
  • I log into FaceBook and see one friend who said she is having a lousy birthday, a niece who said it has been the worst day ever, and news from another niece that her baby is at the ER with a severe headache. Ayayay

I'll quit whining now and hope that the planets align better tomorrow...