Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goal 24: Go to Bastyr Event Completed

Even though I kind of swore off New Year's resolutions, I still have a goal list that I posted way back in April for my birthday. The list included 43 things I wanted to complete during my 43rd year of life. I have been so busy lately that I kind of put these goals on the back burner but today everything worked out and I got to complete one of my goals!
I had to run to the east side today and decided to browse the website of one of the universities in Seattle (Bastyr, my favorite) and saw that they had a public lecture today so I went. I love this university. It's focus is on naturapathic health, the campus is beautiful and relaxing, the students are wonderful to listen to, and they tend to have a lot of classes and events that the general public can attend. Today I learned about nutrition and it was really interesting. Best of all, it was free. So here's yet another way to enjoy free entertainment in your city--just check the websites of local universities and see what's scheduled. It's a great way to get some free, educational entertainment.

p.s. Tom Ballard, ND was the guest speaker. He was talking about his latest book, Nutrition 1, 2, 3. Here's his blog.

p.s.s. After the lecture I went around to the back of the school, took off my shoes and sox, and walked the rock path (see picture above). It hurts your feet but it's supposed to be great for your health. Hmmm


  1. You are so lucky Bastyr is in your area! I am very jealous right now ;-) Glad you had a nice time.

    Birkenstock sells a flexible, plastic sandal that has small nubs for the footbed. Reportedly it stimulates the circulation of the foot, similar to reflexology. Perhaps the rocks are meant to do that too?

  2. Hi Karen, Bastyr is so amazing. The people there are so positive and healthy! The path is for reflexology and the sign says when you are in excellent health walking on the rocks doesn't hurt your feet. I was "ouching" my way through the entire path so probably need to improve my health!