Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hubby's Back Pain Cured...For Free!

Hubby has had a bad back for ages. Years ago he was in an industrial accident followed a year later by a pretty bad car wreck so in the words of his doctor, he now has the spine of a 90 year old. Poor hubby.
A couple of months ago as we were getting ready to sell the house, his on again, off again pain was suddenly on all the time. I assumed it was because of the cold weather in Seattle along with all of the moving and lifting he was doing to get things ready to sell or store. We figured that once we got to Atlanta, the warm weather and lack of lifting/moving things would help his back considerably. Unfortunately this didn't happen and over the last month or so that we have been here, his back became even worse to the point he was in continual pain and taking Aleve daily. We figured the next step would be to buy him a back brace to support his back, find him a local doctor to go to, get a referral to a physical therapist, and I even considered hunting him down an acupuncturist to work on him as well, his pain seemed that bad.
Fast forward to a few nights ago when we were getting ready to go to bed and hubby commented that the mattress on our bed was much softer than our mattress at home (our mattress at home is a couple of steps down from a slab of wood!). We wondered if the bed had anything to do with his increasing back pain so on a whim, we threw the bedding on the floor and decided to try sleeping on the carpeted floor for a night or two to see what would happen.
Amazingly, the next morning after our first night of sleeping on the floor, hubby's back was MUCH better and by today he is walking around in near perfect condition. He said he always has some sort of pain but since we have been sleeping on the floor he said his back feels much much better. Yeah hubby.
So I thought that since this worked so well for hubby I would throw it out there for others to try who are in the same situation (of course, best of all, it's a free fix!).

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