Friday, April 8, 2011

Allergy Season...Ugh

I thought it was odd that my cold was hanging on for so long. The stuffy nose, sneezing, can't go anywhere without a Kleenex thing was getting old. Then I walked into Walmart yesterday and the first thing we came to was a wall of allergy medicine. Ohhhhh So I hopped online and went to and saw that the pollen forecast was a 10.2 out of 12 (in other words, high) and then it dawned on me that maybe my cold was mingling in with allergies. Ick. Fortunately I don't have allergies year round but early spring seems to be a killer and early spring in Atlanta where everything is starting to bloom is really playing havoc with my sinuses. Here's what I do to try to lessen the impact:

  • I try to lay off the milk, dairy products, and wheat. These items seem to make my allergies even worst.

  • I use a "nettie pot" type device (actually one of those bulb "snot removers" that got left by one of the grandkids) to clean out my nose once or twice a day.

  • If it gets really bad, I close all of the windows and turn on the AC if it gets too hot. I really love fresh air but early in the spring, when the windows are open all day, you can literally see a layer of pollen on the hard surfaces near the windows.

  • I dust and mop and vacuum more often.

  • I try to walk early in the evening while it is still late but after the pollen has died down.

  • It is already a decades old habit (I learned this in Japan) but we never wear shoes in the house and we usually change into "house clothes" when we get home to avoid tracking in the dust and pollen we pick up outside.


  1. Allergies are no fun. All my kids have them so I had to follow all the preventative measures during the growing up years. I think I have them now too but haven't been tested. I hope yours clear up soon.

  2. Sorry to hear about your allergies - I am the queen of allergy sufferers, so I know your pain! What do you think of the netti pot? I've seen them, but have never tried it. I've tried everything else, so you would think I'd be game. Hope you get some relief soon!


  3. My daughter has really bad allergies during the spring time. I will be trying some of the tips and see if we can bring her some relief.

  4. Oh so aggravating, those allergies! Sorry to hear you are suffering so.

    I recommend using a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtered vacuum, and one that is a true HEPA vac. Based on my experience conducting indoor air quality (IAQ) evaluations, regular vacuum cleaners generate significant quantities of airborne particulate.

    I suffer from pollen, house dust and mold allergies. I am finding adequate relief from a homeopathic preparation called Sabadil made by Boiron Laboratories. I know you're a savvy googler, but let me know if you'd like more info.

    Best wishes as you recover!

  5. Thanks for the comments. The Neti Pot (or in my case, a new, left behind "snot sucker" from one of the grandbabies worked just fine--simply get some warm water, suck it into the buld, lean over the sink, and run it through your nose. And I agree that HEPA filter vacuums are the way to go, especially compared to the older vacuums that spew dust all over!