Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Link Round-up and More

One of these days I will write a real blog post. Until then, here's some interesting links...

And more...

  • After I wrote my last post on our "up in the air" life plans, I received a nice message from a blogger I have never met (yet I often read her blog) inviting my husband and I to stay at her place for a couple of weeks this summer. I was pretty blown away because, wow, we are strangers, but the blogging community is soooo amazing and people are soooo nice. How cool is that?

  • Also after I wrote my last post, my sister in law, who has been living with her boyfriend for a couple of years, said "I think I want to get married...let's go". Her boyfriend has been wanting to get married but when she called him up at work and told him he was getting married ASAP, he was surprised as us. So now we are all working on wedding plans for a wedding that will take place some time within the next month or so, somewhere in the US. As I have stated before, our plans tend to change daily!

  • I have often heard of "Tiger Moms", especially after this article from Amy Chua came out. I never thought I would actually be living with one. After spending a lot of time over the past couple of weeks with my SIL and her grandkids, I realized she IS a Tiger Mom, Yikes. It seems to work, as both of her kids are quite successful, but now it appears she is working on her grandkids. Her methods are both appalling and interesting at the same time. Hmmm

  • For the past few months we have been almost blissfully unaware of rising gas and food prices. The SIL provides us with a car and insists that we use her gas card to fill up the tank when needed as we mostly use it to run errands and cart the nieces from activity to activity. Likewise we do some shopping (eeking out super cheap deals on meat and produce at a wonderful local Asian store) yet she makes huge shopping hauls from Costco which provides a lot of food for us and everyone else (ie: here's 15 pounds of prime rib...do something with it!). Our "re-entry" into living on our own in a few months should be quite shocking.


  1. Amen on the "20" things list! Also, your blog posts are awesome!! :)
    As for living in the real world, DON'T DO IT!!! It's very expensive! ;) lol!!

  2. Thanks...and we areally are a bit worried about the real world...just looking at prices in the grocery store is terrifying!