Monday, June 13, 2011

More Links and Other Useful Information

Hmm..two links posts in a row. Oh well...this is what I have been doing today:

  • I'm a big fan or reddit. Here's two threads that you might find useful, one a giant list of great free software (was included in yesterday's post), and the second, lots of info on how to live on $11 an hour.

  • I'm trying to figure out the MAC flight system so we can book our flight to Asia in August or September. MAC/SpaceA flights are free flights that people who are active duty or retired military can take advantage of. The disadvantage is that you need to be really flexible because you never know when or if you will get on a flight since active duty people with orders and military equipment takes precedence over lower category people like us retired folks. Basically you go to the airport or air base and wait and see if they can fit you in, if they can't you go back home and try again at a later time. On the positive side, this system can save you literally thousands and thousands of dollars if you like to travel overseas. Here's where to sign up.

  • I was going to buy some white strips and whiten my teeth up a bit before we leave here but they cost over $20! So I went to Google where I found this information on how to use hydrogen peroxide to white teeth (and save about $19.50 in the process!).

  • Now that I am carrying around a big bag (this purse) my change tends to rattle around in the bottom of it. At the store I found a cute change purse but it cost $15 (!). The hubby and I then walked next door to the Dollar Store and found a travel toothbrush/toothpaste kit for $1. I gave hubby the toothbrush and toothpaste and kept the bag it came in for my change purse! See photo above.

  • Finally, I started yet another blog, mainly to keep things better organized. In addition to this blog and my travel blog, I now have a tech blog which you can find here.


  1. Thanks for the tip on the hydrogen peroxide. I'm going to try that!

  2. I always put change in my pockets and then deposit it into a jar on the kitchen counter. When the jar is full, I cash it in and usually net around 60 bucks. I'm unable to carry a bag, even a small one, because it gives me neck and shoulder pain. In the winter I usually have inner pockets in my jacket to stash my wallet, eyeglasses, a chapstick, and a pen. Now that the warm weather has come, I decided to use a small black leather fanny pack. I wear it low on my hip like a gunslinger and I'm hands free. I'm going to check out that teeth whitening info now. Thanks!

  3. I didn't know you could use hydrogen peroxide either until I read it online but it is much cheaper than the strips!
    Also, I always had a change jar before and when it was full would deposit it into my savings but now that we are traveling it just collects in the bottom of my bag. I like having a jar of change though because before you know it, it is full!