Saturday, June 18, 2011

My 44 Goals for This Year

I am still in the process of reorganizing my blogs and website so please bear with me as you see some random posts pop up here! Anyway, since this is my most personal of blogs, I have decided to move my annual goal list here so my travel blog can just focus on travel stuff. Besides, most of my goals involve some sort of financial investment in order to complete.
Each year on my birthday I put together a list of goals I want to accomplish. This year I am 44 so the list has 44 goals on it. Here they are!

  1. Go to the Philippines
  2. Go to Japan/meet Namiko (there is a long story about this lady which I will include in my post when I complete this goal)
  3. Go to Las Vegas
  4. Go to Europe
  5. Go on a cruise
  6. Visit Stehekin
  7. Visit the San Juan Islands
  8. Go to Connecticut
  9. Go to Medieval Times Restaurant
  10. Go to New Orleans
  11. Ride my bike from Canada to Mexico
  12. Finish 1000 Places book and find publisher
  13. Complete all Spanish PMP books (13)
  14. Complete both Elementary Japanese books
  15. Attend a self improvement conference
  16. Start new web project
  17. Hike the West Coast trail on Vancouver Island
  18. Visit 20 countries
  19. Enter a contest
  20. Send a message in a bottle
  21. Attend a university lecture
  22. Go to San Francisco
  23. Visit my grandparent's graves
  24. Read one classic a month
  25. Get my upper ear pierced
  26. Get another tattoo
  27. Find out my blood type
  28. Get 10,000 reddit karma points
  29. Take a picture every day for a month
  30. Watch 10 TED lectures
  31. Watch the entire Love Truly Korean drama series
  32. Meet a favorite blogger
  33. Post a video of me singing Tagalog on YouTube
  34. Finish my BA degree
  35. Do an extreme health month (exercise daily, no wheat/dairy/chocolate/caffeine, etc)
  36. Spend a day with each of my sister's kids.
  37. Earn $500 a month in AdSense
  38. Finish my novel during NaNoWriMo and submit it to a publisher
  39. Participate in the Great Urban Race
  40. Write a song and have it published/sold
  41. Participate in a different sport each month
  42. Have dermabrasion done
  43. Have laser treatment done
  44. Participate in a Flashmob or Meetup


  1. Wow!! That's an amazing list!! :)

  2. It looks like a lot but since we are traveling this year we are hoping that most of these things will just fall in place. In fact, way after I wrote this list quite a few of these goals just kind of fell in our laps--my sister in law asked us to go to Las Vegas with her, my favorite blogging family just happened to be giving a presentation about twenty minutes from where we were, and I just happened to get an email about another Korean drama series but when I checked the site, the series I really wanted to see was there too. It seems like just writing out the list was a big part of making them happen!

  3. I love reading such lists. have never compiled one myself and often thought I should bum someone else's. yours is way too ambitious for me tho'! congratulations on being brave enough to set the bar so high. love that!!

  4. I just decided to repost my goals. I hadn't thought about doing it this way--you just gave me a GREAT idea!