Friday, July 15, 2011

Free Weekend Activities

One of the great things about the Pacific Northwest is that most weekends during the summer, there are lots of things going on, many of them free.  I guess since it tends to rain most of the year here, everyone makes a mad scramble to get things done on the few weekends when it is technically supposed to be sunny (although this weekend looks like it will be decidedly cloudy).   Here's what I plan to do:
  • Take a 10k walk with the local Volksmarch club.  While I can pay $3 to get "credit" towards awards with the club, you can also walk for free with them if you like.  Right now I am not aiming for an award so this will be free.
  • There will be a community Gay Pride festival that, whether or not you happen to be gay, is always fun, free, and entertaining.  We will probably stop by in the afternoon and see what's going on there.
  • By checking the local newspaper, I found out that the local utility company will offer a 'bring ten incandescent light bulbs in and trade them for ten free fluorescent bulbs' event.  I told the family we are staying with about this and we will probably stop by there as we make our rounds tomorrow.
  • There are a couple of farmers markets in the area and an art festival this weekend which are always fun to browse through.
  • The local military base is offering a free first run movie which we may or may not decide to watch (these free movies are usually packed with people so I usually just opt to wait until it comes out on DVD).
  • The Bite of Seattle is this weekend and while it is not free, it is pretty entertaining not to mention there is so much great food! (unfortunately there are also hundreds of thousands of people and I am nit much for crowds so this plan is up in the air as well).
  • J A Jance will be at our local Barnes and Noble signing her books (I am guessing there will be a big crowd for this as well) but again, it is another free event.  
What are you doing this weekend?  With a bit of research you may be able to find all kinds of fun, free stuff to do too!


  1. A friend of mine took my middle daughter to the children's museum with her son tonight to play because Friday nights are *FREE*! :) My daughter had a blast!

    This weekend we're taking it easy... Going to be HOT, so mostly swimming at the in-laws! :)

  2. I love free events! And I envy your hot weather...its about 56 degrees here and raining!