Saturday, August 6, 2011

And More About Me...

I saw this post over at the My Half Dozen Daily Blog and thought I would play along.  It's basically a question/answer thing that gives a bit of insight about the person so here's my answers:
  • What is bothering you right now? It's taking SO long for the condo to close and I am getting more frustrated by the day!
  • Do you like celebrity magazines? No. Hell no.
  • When was the last time you were ill? Why?  A few years back, the first day we got on the cruise ship hubby and I both came down with the flu.  We were flat on our backs in bed for the entire week.  The good part was we had someone to cook and clean for us but we missed the entire cruise.
  • Do you feel you belong in a different era? Yes, 1800's.  I like social rules and they were more defined back then.
  • Who owns you?  Nobody really but hubby would come the closest.
  • One place you would love to visit? Europe, we never get there, it's always Asia.
  • Did you skip school? All. The. Time. But I showed up for the tests and did well so the teachers didn't care if I went to class or not.
  • Ever played an instrument? No but I love to sing.
  • Favorite alcoholic drink? None, I hate the taste of alcohol but if I HAD to drink it would probably be a strawberry daiquiri.
  • Do you follow fashion? Not since I quit working and started traveling. Jeans...check. T shirt...check.
  • What color are your eyes? Do you like the color?  Blue/grey. Yes.
  • What is the furthest you have traveled from your home? How far was it?  Philippines.  I think it is like 6000 miles or so.
  • What is the coldest temperature you have experienced? Where?  Skiing in the Cascades, probably around 10 degrees or so.
  • What is the hottest temperature you have experienced? Where?  125 degrees in Death Valley. I had to get out of the air conditioned car just to see what 125 degrees felt like.
  • List your three wishes.  #1 that I could help anyone who needed it, #2 that I would become a wealthy writer so I could do #1, and #3 that I could have let people in my life know how much I appreciated them before they died.
  • Are you keeping a secret from the world? Yes.
  • If you could go back in time and give advice to yourself 10 years ago what would it be? To go cash only back then, we would have been positioned much better for the recession instead of flailing about like most everyone else when the recession started.
  • Have you changed in the past 10 years? Drastically. I think I am a much better person now.
  • Is abortion wrong? I've never had to determine this for myself but I think in many cases, no (for people who use it for birth control, yes).
  • Do you like long train/car journeys? Yes, I love any type of journey.
  • Have you ever considered writing a novel? Yes, it's almost done.
  • Have you ever punched someone in the face? No, I don't like to be mean to people.
  • What is your sense of humor like? I find Frasier, Murphy Brown, and Who's Line hilarious.  Whatever kind of humor that is.
  • Are you a good person? Yes.
Well, that's more about me!  If you do this list in a blog post, please link back to Moralia's blog so she can list it with the others.


  1. Loved reading this!! :) Jeans & t-shirts.... We're kindred spirits! lol!

  2. That was fun! Can't wait for your novel!