Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10 of My Money Challenge

It is DAY TEN of my money challenge and I haven't made a SINGLE PENNY! Ayayay  But I keep chugging away anyway.  Here's what I did today:
  • I updated my eLance profile with samples of my work.
  • I got an email from Kickstarter saying they approved my project (yeah!) so now all I have to do is put the project together and post it on the site and the donations will roll in ( least I will keep my fingers crossed that they will!)
  • A guy called about buying my netbook and said he will meet me tomorrow so hopefully that will bring in some cash
  • I have been good about updating all of my blogs.  The hubby's cooking blog has got quite a few hits (I think due to my SIL who told all of her friends about it--they love it when hubby cooks so maybe they will try the recipes).  BTW, today's recipe is Sauteed Ginger and Curry Pork.  Hubby is amused that the first time in...ever...I am paying attention to his cooking, dutifully taking notes, and taking pictures too!

1 comment:

  1. At least you're trying!! :) I'm sure the $$ will come in!