Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 14 of My Money Challenge and a Brief Update

Today I did exactly one thing for my money challenge:
  • I did one survey which come in my email from Opinion Outpost.  I still have to figure out how the system works but it was a short survey and I got 10 credit points for it (I believe that equates to about a dollar).  After I did the survey, it bounced me into another survey which needed me to re-sign up so I'm not sure what that was--I am thinking it wasn't part of Opinion Outpost and it said that all I needed to do was play a game online to "win cash and prizes"...whatever that means.  I didn't do the game but I will check my OO account later to see if I got credit for the survey I did.
  • One of the hubby's other sisters called today and insisted that we go to the SIL's wedding in Tennessee at the beginning of December.  She said the sister was in tears because only one family member was going to be able to show up and that she had decided to take the weekend off work (and lose the money) just to be there so we should do the same.
  • Hubby feels guilty and now we are going.
  • The airline tickets alone will be $750 for both of us.  Luckily the car rental and lodging will be provided.
  • I need a dress(!).  With my grand total of hardly any money made this month, I am pretty sure I will be heading to the Goodwill (besides I will probably only wear the dress once then pass it along to someone else).
  • Yet another adventure in our year of adventures...

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