Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8 of My Money Challenge

I'm feeling very non-productive.  But at least with this challenge I need to so something each day in my efforts to make some money.  This is what I did:
  • I reposted the ads for my laptop and netbook on CraigsList and lowered the prices on each so hopefully they will sell.
  • I submitted a proposal for a Kickstarter project for the non-fiction book I want to write.  I could just write it and try to sell it to a publisher but I think if I know that the funding is there to self-publish, I will be more motivated to write it and get it to market ASAP.
  • I have been making a concerted effort since the beginning of the month to keep up the blog posts on all of my blogs (seven blogs in all!) as well as linking the posts through FaceBook and Twitter so that more people will read the posts and thus generate more ad revenue (ie: more micro-fractions of a cent for each page view but oh well....).
That's all for today.  If I have time tonight I will finish up another article for Dollar Stretcher so I can submit it tomorrow.  I've decided that I want to be a writer when I grow up.


  1. Well, you sure don't sound like you're being unproductive!! lol! 7 blogs... wow!

  2. What did we ever do before computers? I can hardly recall. So, I guess you gave up on the idea of selling bottled water? lol. By the way, how's the weather been in Vegas?

  3. Actually the weather has been pretty cold and windy so I didn't think the selling water idea would work now. I hope it warms up a bit so I can at least give it a try!