Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 9 of My Money Challenge

I've been typing away like a maniac today (remember, I want to be a writer when I grow up!) so here is what I have done towards my money challenge:
  • I wrote and submitted an article to the Dollar Stretcher (which pays by the word, usually around $70, if the article is accepted)
  • I wrote and submitted an article to Freelance Switch (which pays a flat $50 if the article is accepted)
  • I updated all of my blogs (I also broke out my blogs from my regular blog list so now you will find my updated blog posts at the bottom of the right sidebar)
Also today we made a raid on the library and the 99 cent store to put together a "balikbayan box" to send to a school in the Philippines.  When we were in the Philippines we stopped by our grandson's school to visit and I was shocked to see that there were 50 kids in each classroom and very few resources for the kids (like no crayons, no books, etc).  The teachers asked if I could help so I told them I would send some books and school supplies.  Fortunately there is a shipping program in which you fill up a big box and for a flat rate of $70 they will deliver the box to any address in the Philippines.  I'm glad for the flat rate because I went to a bunch of libraries and bought a ton--at least it feels like a ton, I can't lift up the box now--of books for twenty-five and fifty cents then went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of school supplies.  We will mail the box tomorrow and it should arrive in about 45 days. Whew!
The picture above is of our grandson's third grade class.


  1. I am loving the photo of the kids. Their beautiful faces! I can't help but notice that the little girl in front is not wearing shoes. I work in an elementary school cafeteria and see lots of kids with their Nooks, Kindles, Vera Bradley change purses, Uggs and such. It makes me sad to think that these children in the photo, including your grandson, don't have the basic necessities for school. Is there anything your readers can do to help?

  2. Hi Lorraine, I just sent the box of books and school supplies today so that is taken care of. We hope to go the the Philippines next fall and maybe before then I will put out a call for donations to take with me. The poverty in the Philippines is really shocking, especially for us Americans. There are so many families that literally sleep on the streets (as soon as businesses close they huddle in the doorways of the commercial areas and literally sleep on the concrete! I wish I could go there and take care of everyone!