Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Want/Need List

I am very list-y person.  When I used to work, I always had a "to do" list on hand and quite often, I would make "to do" lists for my clients as well.  It has always been my habit to write down not only the things I needed to do but also the things that I wanted as well.  I started doing this about the time I learned how to write and I fully believe that these lists helped propel me out of trailer-court poverty and into a pretty good life.
Now, I look back at some of these lists and can't believe that basically everything I wrote down has actually come to pass (my business, my non profit, and our year of travel being some of the "biggies").  So I continue to write lists.  On these lists are the things I want and need regardless of the price; oddly enough, these lists are still being fulfilled even though I basically have no income!  Imagine that.  Even the big box of books and school supplies that we just sent to the Philippines was on my list, never mind the fact that I had no money to make it happen but--surprise--it got done anyway! 
I don't know how it works, I only know that it does work.  Here is my most recent list:
  • November tithe $50 (I tithe every month to Unity; it's a habit that I keep whether or not I am working)
  • December tithe $50 (ditto)
  • December cell phones $60 (I pay for both of our pre-paid cell phone plans each month)
  • Web host bill $150 (once a year I get billed for hosting for my websites, this is coming up in December)
  • House for hubby's son in PI $1000 (we are helping the hubby's son build a house in the Philippines piece by piece; this is for the roof and supports)
  • Camera $200 (I need a new camera, my cheap new camera is terrible)
  • Laptop $750 (I want a new, smaller laptop; I think a 14" laptop would be optimal)
  • NV PO Box $50 (right now I pay $170 a year for a remail service which is great when we travel as they send our mail to wherever we are, but now that we are going to be stationary in Las Vegas a regular PO box will work)
  • NV driver's license $50 (as soon as we move next month and get our own address I will get a license here, I want to establish residency here so I can take some classes at the university at the in-state tuition rate eventually)
  • Japan Christmas gifts $800 (everyone in Japan was so wonderful to me that I want to send the entire family some very nice gifts)
  • Next year's school for the grandson in PI $480 (I pay for the grandson's school in the Philippines and it costs $40 per month; I like to put the entire year's fees aside at the beginning of the year so I won't have to think about it until next year)
  • Clothes and shoes for me $200 (my clothes and shoes have been dragging around with me for a year, they are old and hideous and I want some new stuff!)
That's the list so far.  I have absolutely no idea how all of these things will get paid for but I also have no doubt that they will...somehow. 


  1. Such wonderful goals! :) Good luck!

  2. April, have you ever read or seen the DVD called The Secret? It's about the power of attraction. By writing your lists, you're setting your intention and putting it out to the universe. It's similar to an inspiration board where you post pictures of the things you want. And it really works.

  3. I have seen the Secret and read a number of other books that suggest the same thing. Obviously those people know what they are talking about because it works! :)