Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Once Again Google Saved Me a Bunch of Money

Here's a picture of hubby's computer looking hale and hearty.  Yesterday it was doing the death rattle.
His computer has had viruses a couple of times before and with Google's help I was able to fix the problem (really simple actually...just restart the computer in safe mode then restore the computer to an earlier time).  This latest virus, however, was pretty tough. It wouldn't let me do anything to the computer--no clicking on icons, no restarting in safe mode...I basically thought the computer was dead OR that I would have to take it in to a computer shop to get it fixed.
Then I did what I always do when I am having a crisis--I Googled the problem.  I Googled a rambling description of the problem (windows 2012 virus screen locked blah blah blah) and it quickly gave me a list of results about the virus and how to fix it.  I tried a recommendation from the first link and it didn't work so I did a bit more research and found that you can download a windows virus scanner onto a USB drive via another computer then put the USB drive into the sick computer and make it boot from the USB drive instead of the hard drive thus bypassing the virus.  After an hour and a half of scanning the computer then coming up with the virus which it allowed me to "kill", the computer came back to life.  I then did a Windows update, uninstalled the old virus software, then installed new, free virus software (Avast) and now all is well and hubby is happy to get his computer back!  I'm just happy we didn't have to spend the money to have a professional fix it.
tl;dr  If you have any kind of problem, Google first before you panic.  With the millions and millions and millions of people in the world it is a good bet someone has had a similar problem and posted a way to fix the problem online.  Yeah Google!

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