Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Reminder to Not Base All of Your Decisions on Finances Alone

Over the past couple of years we have been so focused on paying off debt and saving money that there have been many things that we have passed on, purely based on financial considerations.
This weekend we are in Gatlinbug, TN for the SIL's wedding.  Initially we had told her we would not be able to go to her wedding because it was yet another expense in the already expensive holiday season (plus we will be moving, plus we have other things--a whole list in fact--that we have planned to spend our money on). But another SIL called and basically insisted that we went so we did (hubby has a very persuasive family!).
I am really glad we came.  If we hadn't, we would have missed this beautiful sunset, we would have missed a beautiful wedding, and we would have missed the opportunity to meet up with some great people! So the moral of the story is that while it is a good thing to control your spending, don't pass up once in a lifetime opportunities just because you want to hold tight to your money.