Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2012 and I hope we all have a happy and prosperous new year!
Here's an update on my two challenges for this month:
  • No spend challenge.  I thought this was going to be blown out of the water on day one because my friends that just moved here called me and wanted to meet up.  Of course much of our meeting up revolves around food--what else--so we met at a local taco shop and while I offered to pay (out of habit, before I even remembered the challenge), my friend's husband insisted on paying.  So day one was a success--nothing spent today.
  • Paleo challenge.  I actually started this challenge yesterday.  Since I was home all day yesterday cleaning, it was easy to eat all paleo which I did.  Then I woke up with a pounding headache this morning (I'm thinking it was because of the lack of caffeine, sugar and carbs that weren't a part of my diet yesterday...bummer).  All was well in paleo-land until I met with my friends (above) and I had two carne asada tacos (in corn tortillas, even though corn is a vegetable, it counts as a grain for the purposes of paleo) so this was a slight hiccough in the plan but I don't feel like it was a critical lapse so I stuck with paleo food for the rest of the day and will move onward and upward tomorrow.
On another note we did go to the Strip last night to ring in the New Year. Hubby loved it--all of the people and excitement and fireworks he found exciting.  I would have been happy with the fireworks sans people and excitement but it was important to hubby so I went (and nearly got trampled when shortly after midnight tens of thousands of people all headed for the same outlet street).  Hubby and I jumped over a fence to get out of their way and now I have a neat line of bruises across my leg (and a very good reason to do some strength training since years--and years--ago I could do one handed push up but now I can barely haul my self over a fence using both hands without damage.  Bummer.


  1. When I cut caffeine out of my diet I had headaches for about 3 days but day one was the worst.

    I would have loved to see you jumping over a fence..I probably would have been trampled :)

  2. not to bad of a start for you. I am sure the rest of the month will go better,

    Gill in Canada

  3. Thanks Gill! BTW nice blog! I'm adding it to my blogroll. are right, my head is still pounding but not as bad as yesterday. Im glad the fence incident wasnt caught on video. Hubby hopped the fence first (in suprisingly good form) then I was about half over and some guy I didn't know stopped to "catch" me but hubby was here so I lunged for him and with (super human) strength he kind of dragged me the rest of the way over the fence--bruising me and nearly throwing his back out! Yikes :)

  4. Hi, Great blog. I have cut caffeine out of my diet several times just to go back. What a goof I am because each time it is days (over a week) of dt's actually. So I think I have given up on that. I had never heard of a Paleo diet and had to look it up. Interesting. Good luck to ya. I am on a diet too but it's just cutting back and getting more exercise.

  5. Hi Sue, Me too with the would think I would learn but no...apparently I enjoy suffering. Hopefully this time I can cut out the caffeine for good! Good luck on your diet and exercise plan!