Monday, June 25, 2012

Finally! We've Moved Into Our New House!

It's been a busy week, thus the lack of posts.  Here's what's been happening:

  • Last Monday.  We sign some papers and are supposed to close on the house so we wait...and wait.  Finally around 5pm we sign a one day extension because the house isn't going to close on Monday.
  • Last Tuesday.  We are really, really going to close today.  The realtor said we would get the keys at 10am but after the paper work shuffle we finally get the keys at 2pm.  Did I mention that by 2pm it was like 108 degrees here?  That's OK, we were psyched so the hubby and I started moving everything out of the condo.  We think we can move in to our new house entirely in one day.  Eventually we realize we aren't 25 years old any more.  We continue moving stuff until about 11pm.
  • Last Wednesday.  We are still psyched but wake up like very old people complete with screaming muscles (which hadn't been used in a couple of years!) and lots of groaning.  We get everything out of the condo, clean up the condo, then use the pictures we took of the condo when we moved in to reset all of the cousin's furnishings in the condo.  By now we decide that we don't want to move again.  Ever.
  • Last Thursday.  We head over to the furniture outlet store and buy a recliner sofa on clearance for $399, and over-stuffed chair which had been marked down from $700 to $99, a queen bed for the guest room which was on sale for $199, and a chair and ottoman for our bedroom for $149.  For an extra $100 they will deliver which we quickly agree to as we were really not looking forward to moving any more furniture.
  • Last Friday.  The cousin gets her gardeners to bring over the washer, dryer, table, and refrigerator which we had bought from her for the bargain price of $600.  We also do a massive amount of shopping at the $1 store, Walmart, and the Goodwill for all of the little things we need for our house (everything from shower curtains to end tables to wall art to trash cans, etc).
  • Last Saturday.  I was so excited to cook on a gas stove as we had never had gas appliance before.  Nearly everything has been set up but we are still working--hard labor style--for about 12 hours each day.  Yikes.  I do laundry then hang it in the garage in order to save money.  Even with fabric softener, our clothes come out stiff and starchy :I  
  • Last Sunday.  After a massive amount of work getting all of the boxes emptied, our newly purchased things set, pictures hung, etc, we are officially "done" moving in.  We have left a few things not done until we can get the cash to pay for them, namely shower doors which will cost about $200 each, art for the walls, curtains, and a small bar that hubby wants to get for the kitchen.
  • Today...Monday!  The house is done and we are back to our regular schedule of hubby playing poker and me going to the library to catch up on my blogs and websites (we have decided to not get internet at the house and use it for free at the library in order to save money since I am here nearly every day anyway).
Here's some pictures of our new house:


  1. First - YAY!!!

    Second - Its sooo pretty!!
    You guys worked your tails off. I'm impressed. Next time I move, I think I'll do the same and just hit it hard for a week or so. Much better than being left with boxes a year later (or three like me).

    Congrats! It's beautiful!

  2. I am so happy for you - congrats - now go relax.

  3. What a beautiful home! I'm so happy for you, I could just cry! Congratulations!

  4. Very nice! I've been following your journey for the last 6 months & learned a lot from you. I quit my job a year ago & my husband recently retired so you've helped us reach this point. Thanks for your great ideas and congrats on the move-in! You've earned it!

  5. Gorgeous house! Such a hassle, isn't it though? We finally closed last Wed but are waiting for the keys still... some idiot mailed our documents to the wrong state so they haven't been recorded yet, arrgh! Love your house though, especially the kitchen! Very very nice! :D

  6. Wow, what a beautiful place! I'm glad you were able to close and move in--I know the whole process has been quite a saga for you. Enjoy it--you deserve to!

  7. It is amazing how you managed to put everything else in place in just a week. Magnificent work!