Monday, August 20, 2012

A Busy Monday

I hit the ground running today with a big 'ol to do list.  Here's what I am doing (one of these days I will get off the bulleted list tangent...but not today).

  • There is an ambulance and fire truck outside my door.  It's for the next door neighbor.  I just realized that I have never seen this particular neighbor.  Actually I have only said hi to one of our neighbors so far.  I think I am not very neighborly (but then again I was only on a waving basis with nearly all of our last set of neighbors and we had lived in that house for ten years!).
  • I just ordered checks from Vistaprint.  I have written maybe a half dozen checks since the beginning of the year but every now and then, especially when ordering birth and death records for my genealogy research, I will need to write a check and since we just opened a new account I figured I would get the checks we need as cheaply as possible ($4.95 for 300 checks plus $9.95 for shipping).
  • I'm still working away on my genealogy research.  Did you know that if you research 10 generations back, you will have researched 32,767 people?!?
  • If you are not on my blogroll and want to be, please let me know.  I try to capture the people who comment on my blog so I can add them to my blogroll but sometimes I miss people.
  • I am still hammering away on my book.  Now I am super inspired to finish it because of Lorraine's daughter.  That is SO COOL when teenagers complete such a big project like writing a book and getting it published!
  • I just made me a watermelon smoothie.  I love watermelon and right now they are pretty cheap here and since hubby doesn't eat watermelon, that means I end up eating the whole thing so I need to get creative.  A watermelon smoothie is super simple--put ice and watermelon in a blender and blend!
  • I found this program at the county tax assessors's office that will discount our property tax because hubby is a veteran so I am getting the paperwork together to send in.  Every bit of savings helps!
  • I need to find a cheap deal on a rental car.  My friends are coming from Japan next week and they want to see the Grand Canyon so I offered to take them.  Our car, however, is old and I don't really want to drive it nearly five hours each way for the trip so we are considering renting a car or borrowing one of the cousin's cars.  We may just ask to borrow the cousin's car because due to our car being old we only have liability insurance on it and due to only having liability insurance on our car, when we rent a car we end up having to buy all of their (super expensive) car insurance.
Well, back to work...have a great day!


  1. A watermelon smoothie sounds delicious! We still have some watermelon from this weekend, I will have to try to make one. Thanks for the idea :)

  2. Do not rent from the airport as they have a daily surcharge - just a tip from my travel agent days.

  3. Thanks for the shout out April! I told Megan what you wrote and she is thrilled that she actually inspired someone!