Sunday, December 2, 2012

And Yesterday We Went...RV Shopping

They just happened to have a big RV show here this weekend so I just happened to drag hubby there.  I know we have only lived in Vegas for a year and have only owned our house here for six months but I am so ready to sell everything (house and all, again) and move.  While Las Vegas is a great place to visit, even live in for the winter, I am not really a fan of living here full time (I know, I probably should have brought this up before we bought the house but we were so excited to get a super cheap house here that it kind of slipped my mind).
I think that living in an RV would be perfect.  We would own very few things (I am such a minimalist; this sounds wonderful to me), and best of all, we can change location any time we want.  Seattle for the summer, the southeast for the spring, the northeast in the fall, and Vegas in the winter.  That sounds perfect to me!
Hubby is less than enthusiastic.  His current answer is no way, he loves Vegas and he loves our new house.  So, like any other time I want to get my way, I used logic: living in an RV would save a lot of money, we could see the kids and family more often, we could get out of Vegas during the super hot summer, we would have very few bills...etc.  He still said no way but he did like looking at the RVs so that may be a start.  Since housing prices are increasing in Vegas, it may just be a matter of time before we end up living in an RV.  Especially if prices go up so much that we could sell our house and pay cash for the RV.  I will continue to work on the hubby when it comes to this issue.
Of course we won't be buying the above RV.  $300,000 for an RV kind of defeats the purpose of living cheaply, but it is nice to dream.  These super fancy RVs have washers and dryers, gas fireplaces, side by side refrigerators and even ceiling fans!  The RV we can afford would be considerably smaller and considerably less fancy.  But we are hardly home anyway--we are always out and about--so this won't matter much.  Plus we had an RV years ago and we really liked it (we couldn't afford it and so it often sat in the driveway while we worked to pay for it, but we really liked it).
One thing that makes me think this could really happen is that I was reading my blog from a little over two years ago and noticed that we had no inking that a couple of months later we would be in the process of selling our house and nearly everything in it so who knows, we may be "full timers" sometime soon!


  1. I would love to live in an RV full time, just don't know if we could afford to do it? Plus due to the weather we would have to spend 6 + months in the States where the weather is warmer. Keep us posted on how it goes with persuading your dh.

    Gill in Canada

  2. I think everyone has had the dream of chucking it all and living in an RV. It sounds great in theory, but I don't know if I could actually do it. I like a little privacy and solitude now and then, not to mention a full size toilet and long hot showers. :)

  3. Gill--I think there are plenty of Canadians who spend their winters here in the desert southwest but it probably can get pretty expensive, especially if you are paying for an RV and a house (on the flip side, I would love to go up to Canada for the summer and drive around the country in an RV!).
    Lorraine--I absolutely love having my own bathroom and long hot showers--something I really missed when we were traveling!