Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yet Another Update

Here's a quick update before we head off to Canada at zero dark 30 tomorrow morning:
  • Yesterday was my birthday!  I celebrated by walking a 10k volksmarch :)
  • Tomorrow we will combine the Victoria BC trip and San Juans trip by going through the San Juans via ferry to get to Victoria then spending a bit more time in the San Juan Islands on the way back (the only drawback is that there is exactly one ferry per day going to Vancouver Island and it is at 8:30am and we are 2.5 hours away from said ferry so we need to leave super early to make it on time).
  • Right now I am in my favorite Silverdale Cafe (Cafe Noir) updating all of my blogs and websites.  The cousin's house we are staying at has a frustratingly slow and mostly unusable connection.  The wifi at the cafe is blazing fast PLUS I get to enjoy a nice hot chocolate while I type :)
  • I told hubby that we need a summer house here in the Puget Sound area.  He said he would die of boredom within a week.  Nature is NOT least to me.
  • The Saturday marathon looks like it will be long (about eight hours of walking) and wet (supposed to be a downpour starting tonight and running through the weekend.  Eeekkk).
  • Also staying at the cousin's house are another set of cousins who just moved here from the Philippines.  The husband headed out this morning pushing a lawn mower.  I asked the cousin if he had ever used a lawn mower and she said no but he would figure it out (double eekkk.  Fortunately the grass was too wet to mow. Plus, as happens to EVERYONE who comes here from the Philippines, they are freezing and wearing three or four layers of clothing until they get acclimated).
  • Hubby misses Vegas.  Everything shuts down here at 9pm (and I mean EVERYTHING...shops, restaurants, etc) BUT the people in these small towns are SO nice and polite (a nice change from people in Vegas who would rather run you over than slow down for you at a cross walk).
  • Finally, I love all of the greenness and beautiful views to be found here on the Kitsap Peninsula!
Wish me luck on the marathon!


  1. You can do the walks! I have faith in you!
    Go, April!
    Go, April!
    Go, April!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I like hearing about your travels. I look forward to hearing about your marathon(s?)- good luck!

  3. happy belated birthday!
    (love the pic in this post)