Saturday, August 24, 2013

This Weekend I Need To...

It's been a busy week (uh, month...uh, summer).  Here's a compendium of stuff I am doing/need to do this weekend:

  • I stopped the Whole 30 diet.  My kidneys and liver were literally in pain so instead of ruining some perfectly useful vital organs, I decided to hop off the diet plan (but I am still eating healthier than I was before).
  • The SIL will leave late tonight so I need to clean the house from top to bottom tomorrow (it's an odd habit, but as soon as a guest leaves I scrub the house...not sure why).
  • I like to do at least one activity with the hubby each day so today it will be a cutting horse show (free) and a trip to the Ethel M candy factory (also free).  Tomorrow we will watch the international ten-pin bowling championships (free as well).
  • I signed up for tickets to the Ellen Show yesterday.  Her new season starts in September and we had tickets to be in the audience last season but I got sick the day we were supposed to go; I'm waiting to hear if we got the tickets.
  • In September we start our weekly hiking trips again.  I need to go through my daypack and make sure I have everything that I need (flashlight batteries work, sunscreen is there, etc).
  • I also need to get hubby signed up for a fall bowling league.
  • I haven't done anything at all with my genealogy project since the beginning of summer--I need to get back to it.
  • Today is library day.  Once a week we hit up the library, return last week's movies and get new movies (about 20-30 of them which hubby watches throughout the week in the evenings).  I also pick up a few books at the library, however recently I have been downloading so many free library books to my Kindle app that I don't check out nearly as many books as I used to.
  • I need to make money!  It was wonderful having a steady income during the summer but most of my earnings went into our emergency fund and the rest is, well, gone.  I paid my few monthly bills each month throughout the summer, bought hubby a smartphone, and bought a bunch of books and school supplies to send to a school in the Philippines and that was about as far as my money went.  Now I have bills for September that I need to pay (I pay for the grandson's school, our cell phones, webhosting fees, and tithe each month) and no money in sight to pay for them so I need to get busy making some money!  I also want to fund trips to San Francisco and the east coast this fall.  And if I were to get a windfall we also want to go to the Philippines in the winter.  Again, there is zero dollars to pay for any of these things at this time so I need to come up with some ways to earn money ASAP!
  • I also need to finish the book I have been working on and get it published (another project that has seen very little activity this summer).
  • And I want to submit a manuscript for a RITA contest in December (its a romance novel contest and the winners usually get picked up for book contracts and it's very prestigious and I probably don't have a prayer of winning but...).  I have a book nearly completed but not even edited (and re-edited and re-edited as the process goes) so I need to get busy with that project as well.  
Overall it should be a very busy, very organizing kind of weekend!


  1. Why was the Whole 30 diet hurting?

  2. It made me really dehydrated even though I was drinking lots more water than usual. I think it has something to do with the amount of water that starchy carbs hold in your body as opposed to the water kept in your body with a low carb/high fat diet which is kind of what the Whole 30 is. My kidneys had never been so unhappy!