Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hair and Makeup

Here's a bit about how I save money on hair and makeup.  Disclaimer:  I may be the least fashionable person you meet so there is that.  Plus my hair has never been in a popular style (well, maybe once in the 80s) and if I didn't think eyebrows were a complimentary item on my face I probably wouldn't even wear make up.  Anyway, here we go:


  • I pay $12 plus a $3 tip to get my haircut at Great Clips.  A few years ago I wouldn't have been caught dead in Great Clips as I had to go to a salon but that was before we cut our income by 75% and I decided I liked freedom more than money.  I get haircuts here about once every four months and try to look for coupons that drop the price to $6.95 (these come out around back to school time and Christmas time).
  • In between haircuts at Great Clips I have hubby trim my hair.  For the longest time he said "no way" when I asked him to cut my hair but a while back he gave it a try and my hair came out fine (actually my hair is so kinky and curly that you really can't tell when it isn't fine).
  • I color my own hair (Garnier Nutrisse is awesome!).  I often find coupons that take a dollar or two off the hair color so I pay between $6 to $8 for the color and then do it myself (really simple as you just rub the color in, wait 30 minutes, then wash it off).  The first time I had my hair colored at the aforementioned salon it cost $180 (highlights and all) and I ended up blond.  I make a miserable blond and couldn't wait to get that color out of my hair.  Now I use a light brown and I am much happier.  Also, the first few times I colored my hair I had hubby do highlights (a darker all over color then a lighter color put on sections and wrapped up in foil).  This came out OK but took a lot of time so now I just use one all over color and it looks fine.
  • I use Dollar Store shampoo (VO5 Green Tea) with the occasional bottle of Pantene bought on sale with a coupon.
  • I use a bit of conditioner if my hair is longer because the ends are so brittle.  My last bottle lasted over a year.


  • Makeup is expensive.  I don't even use the expensive kind of makeup (Lancome, MAC) but just the typical Maybelline/Cover Girl stuff and it is still expensive so I try to find coupons to buy my makeup with in order to save money.
  • When I was working during the summer I used some of my earnings to buy a complete set of makeup (picture above) because I knew I would be running out in the fall and I knew that it would be a near $50 purchase so right now when I am out of makeup and have very little money I am happy I planned ahead and did this.
  • Fortunately a complete set of makeup for me is just the basics--lipstick, eyeliner, brow liner, cover up, and powder.  I don't like the feel--or the weird look--of foundation on my face and eye shadow tends to look crease-y the older I get (I guess it fills in the lines around me eyes? eekkk).
  • I've tried some makeup from the $1 store and didn't like it (the liner pencils were too hard and the lipstick had no staying power).
That's it.  I'm pretty low maintenance in this department and don't even own a hairdryer, curling iron, or flat iron as I just comb out my hair after I wash it and it bounces back into place.  I look in the mirror about once a day, and otherwise don't worry too much about my looks...or lack thereof! :)  Plastic surgery is out of the question (invasive procedures give me the shivers) as is any aging/reduce wrinkles/etc serum that promises the fountain of youth.  


  1. I keep my hair and makeup needs simple too. In this hot and humid climate, there's only so much you can do to look presentable before it all starts melting or falling. lol.

  2. Your hair and beauty routine sounds very much like mine! I get my hair cut from a lady who has a salon her home every 2-3 months - $15 including tip. I color my own hair (with coupons, of course!) and other than a mascara from a dept store that cost $15 (my one splurge every 6 months) I use drug store stuff. I don't wear much other than foundation, eyeliner and mascara. Sometimes a bit of lip gloss. A couple of years ago I did splurge on this little tube of concealer that was like $20 because everything I tried for the dark circles under my eyes didn't work, but I use such a tiny amount of this good stuff, that it's going to last me a long time.

  3. Your makeup and hair routine sounds pretty identical to mine. I do wear foundation but it is just the maybelline kind. I maybe spend $25 in a whole year on makeup. Ever since I heard makeup goes bad fast I just buy the minimum needed. Wear the same colors every day. I do have some tinted lip gloss I got in a freebie that has several colors when I am feeling "wild" lol