Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 6 No Spend November

We skipped our weekly shopping trip yesterday which usually includes the Goodwill, Ross, Walmart, and a couple of grocery stores.  There wasn't anything we needed so this saves us money (we always find something to buy whether we need it or not) and it saves us the gas used traveling all over town.

I've decided not to find a retail job this holiday season because I am getting about 80 hours of freelance work each month from my friend.  I can do this work from home (in my pajamas yesterday!), and with no added expenses like buying work clothes, bringing lunch to work, being tempted to buy stuff because I would be working in a store, etc.

We finally turned our heat on.  It was cold and while would like to save money on the natural gas that heats our home, we don't want to freeze.  So after piling on the blankets and wearing sweatshirts around the house for the past week or so, we finally gave in.  We keep the heat on 68 during the day and turn it off when we leave the house (surprisingly the house stays warm for hours after the heat is turned off) and then turn it off at night as well.

Hubby spent money yesterday and it was on stuff that we didn't need.  First, he bought a hot dog at the bowling alley which was $1 (I forgot to send a sandwich with him) and then he dropped by the store on the way home and spent $15.99 (four half cases of soda which were on sale, a box of cinnamon rolls, and a  bag of oranges for $4.99 which weren't on sale).  I reminded him it was NO SPEND November because he forgot.  Ugh.  I think we will find at the end of this experiment that random grocery purchases is the biggest unnecessary expense.

Total spent today: $16.99


  1. Although I have a wonderful husband he does not look at prices and comes home with $9 bottles of olives and condiments every time he sets foot in a grocery store so we have an understanding I do all of the grocery shopping (**unless I am on death's door stuck in bed or it is an emergency) or our budget gets busted!

  2. I think I need to develop the same understanding with the hubby (who cant pass up a sale!).

  3. Husbands I feel need more training! I have scolded mine on many occasions - lol