Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Busy Day

Our day:

  • Wake up late (at 9am which is late, I'm usually up by 7 or 7:30)
  • Do a bunch of online stuff (check email, read news, etc)
  • Do a quick two mile walk with hubby
  • Go out to lunch with hubby (at the Claim Jumper which was free with a $50 gift certificate hubby won playing online poker; we used $23 and have $27 left over)
  • Go to the $1 store and 99 cent store for groceries
  • Measure my two mile walk route to make sure it is two miles (I mapped it online and it said it was two miles but we used the car odometer to check and yes, it is exactly a two mile walk)
  • Drop groceries off at home
  • Go with hubby to bowling
  • Do a speed editing job for my client/friend who sent an email this morning asking if I can edit a document ASAP which I did (yeah three more hours of work!)
  • Stop by another grocery store on the way home from bowling for a few items
  • Return home and email the edited document to my friend and eat a quick sandwich
  • Run by the casino and drop hubby off so he can play poker (the jackpot is nearing $100,000 for one badbeat hand--if he wins this I will probably faint)
  • Go to a meeting for my walking club; while I am waiting write a half dozen paragraph for my book on my tablet
  • Pick hubby up on my way home; happy that he won $140; jackpot is still intact even though there are more than a hundred people trying to win it this evening
  • Come home and write this blog post, a short blog post for a client, and do a bit of genealogy research (on only two people but that is something)
  • Have some snacky food for a light dinner then do the dishes
  • Finally stop moving, curl up on the couch and read the ebook I just downloaded to my tablet from our local library

Daily update
  • Walk: 2 miles (927 miles to go!)
  • No spend: We spent $40.46.  $5 tip at the restaurant; $20.56 at the 99 Cent store (dish soap, 1.5 lbs apples, 3 jars Miracle Whip, 13 oz coffee grounds, 4 bags of candy, 1 lb green beans, dozen dinner rolls, 1 lb tomatoes, 32 oz chicken broth, 2 lbs onions, bottle of cranberry juice, 5 lbs potatoes, instant pudding, microwave popcorn); $5.16 at $1 store (2 bags cough drops, 2 boxes jr mints, 2 Ajax cleaner); $6.40 at Albertsons (loaf of French bread, 1/2 lb turkey); $3.34 hot chocolate at Starbucks during meeting 
  • Update this blog: yep
  • Update client's blog: yep
  • Photo: yep
  • Genealogy: added info for two people
  • Writing: wrote a half dozen paragraphs while waiting for a meeting

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