Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Need Gear? Check Out the Goodwill

Last month I needed some new stuff for walking (stretchy athletic pants and a cute top to go with it) so I went to a local department store and got some "sale" items.  I spent $30 for a pair of Nike athletic pants and a store brand top.  I hadn't shopped for clothes at a regular store in years but I was in a hurry and the store was on the way and, long story short, never again.  The pants are already wearing as is the shirt and I am NOT HAPPY about it.  So it was back to the Goodwill I went this week.

While I always buy my shoes, socks, underwear, and backpacks brand new (but still on clearance, always), I have no problem buying clothes--pants and tops--at thrift stores.  I know exactly how they will fit as they have already been washed several times, I know exactly how they will wear because if they haven't unraveled after someone else wore them they should last for me as well, and, most importantly, people get rid of really good brands and the thrift stores sell them for a fraction of the price of new (the pants I bought at the regular store for $24 would have been less than $8!).

Here's some great deals I found a couple of days ago at the Goodwill...an REI rain jacket, a fluorescent yellow shirt for an upcoming fun run, and an Eddie Bauer vest, all for under $5 each with a senior discount.

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