Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Hubby and I agreed that this year was our best Thanksgiving ever and I think that is because we bowed out from cooking for the masses and shared the holiday at home, just the two of us.  We have NEVER done this before.  For the 30+ years we have been together it is always a big holiday occasion and we usually end up cooking, even after moving to Las Vegas where the few cousins who live here multiply by the dozens around the holiday.  While we enjoy cooking, this year it was really enjoyable to watch the Macy's parade and make a quiet (and minimal) dinner.

And since this is a money blog, I'll just point out that the entire dinner cost around $10, the secret being that we didn't need a huge turkey and in fact, I hardly eat meat at all and hubby isn't a fan of leftovers so we went to the grocery store deli and bought a few slices of 'carving board turkey' and this (cheaply) took care of the turkey part of the meal.

Of course we finished up with pumpkin pie!

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