Thursday, January 4, 2018

10 Fabulous Things Today

There have been so many fabulous things today!
  1. This is the first time I had an Amazon order delivered to an Amazon locker instead of my house.  I always wait at home all day for deliveries so porch pirates won't grab them but a week ago I ordered a couple of things from Amazon and decided to try having the delivery made to a locker which is near my house.  This is a wonderful way to get my packages--free, easy to get to, secure, and easy to claim (just punch the code they email you into the screen and a little door pops open so you can get your package)!
  2. I put my spending money for the month in my wallet (in cash, in $100 bills) and I haven't spent anything yet this year.  First of all there is nothing I really need and second of all I don't want to break a hundred dollar bill just to buy something.  Cash only living rocks!
  3. I just found this new subreddit (and yes, I am so far keeping my resolution to spend less than an hour a day on social media) and it lists all kinds of free ebooks you can download!
  4. Another subreddit I check out occasionally is BuyItForLife.  This is a great place to crowd source information on what items seem to last forever.  Many household items (cast iron pans, good knives, etc) are well worth a higher price if they will last forever.
  5. And from the "I never would have thought of that" file, this person planted cheap birdseed and ended up with a beautiful garden.  Cool!
  6. I've been killing two birds with one stone since the first of the year by doing my daily five mile walks around new places the hubby and I want to check out for our activity of the day.  I am tracking these places in my other blog which can be found here.
  7. While I love the snow, we are so glad we didn't end up moving to Connecticut--I think I like the snow better in photos than in person.  Meanwhile the family in New England are all snowed in for the day.  The photos are very pretty though!
  8. So far all of the activities we have been doing, and plan to do this month, have been free.  There are several places I check see what kind of free community events are being offered including our local library, state parks, and other community calendars.  Your area may have similar places that offer free community events and activities which are fun for the whole family.
  9. I was checking on Zillow to see how much a neighbor's house was listed for sale for.  Holy crap was I surprised to see that the houses in our neighborhood have more than doubled in price since we bought our house.  Not that we plan to move but wow!  Apparently our local economy is on the brink of a boom according to this article.
  10. Finally, I came across this article and it was rather inspiring and had some really good resources at the end of the article.  I can code (marginally) but it would have been really nice to have all of these resources available back when I was creating websites and learning this stuff on the fly.

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