Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New Year's Resolutions Update

Today is the last day of January so I thought I would update my New Year's Resolution list.  Overall I have been pretty productive but of course I could have done better.

Daily Goals
  • No spend--YES!  I have only been into grocery store this month.  I haven't been shopping, either in person or online all month.  My spending money for the month it right where I left it--in my wallet!
  • Walk five miles--No.  I started out walking every day but got so involved in my writing that I totally stopped so I want to re-start doing this tomorrow.
  • Activity--Meh.  We have done several activities but not daily as, again, I was so involved in writing that we would do some sort of activity a couple times a week instead of daily.
  • Eat healthy--big fail.  Between dairy and caffeine in my favorite coffee drinks plus a lot of junk food, I need to make a massive effort month to get back on track with this.
  • 3 Blog posts a day--YES!  I have bogged religiously, everyday this month, producing a post for each of my three blogs each day.  Some of the posts have reached more than 5000 readers so that was exciting. 
  • Knit--No.  My yarn and needles are still waiting for me to start on some sort of project.
  • Play piano--Not really.  I learned one song then, again, focused all of my attention on writing so my piano is still waiting for me to.
  • Less than hour of social media--Yes.  I check Facebook for a few minutes every other day.  I have cut down on Reddit but could still cut back more which I will try to do next month.

Annual Goals
  • Pay off car--making regular payment as this will be my last debt to pay off.
  • Pay off credit card #1--paid off 1/5/2018!!!
  • Pay off credit card #1--I am making huge payments towards this card and will pay it off next.
  • Vegas book--still working on this.  I decided this will be part of a website due to the continually changing nature of the information.
  • Non fiction book #1--no work on this.
  • Non fiction book #2--no work on this.
  • WA book--decided to not publish an updated version of this book so I retired the title.  Since the information in this book keeps changing (places close or go out of business or they change their name, etc. I decided to do this as part of a website.  I finished this page on 1 28/2018.  You can see it here.  I am hoping promotion and ad revenue will generate more income than book royalties).
  • Fiction book--no work on this yet.
  • New driver’s license--It doesn't expire for a few more months so as soon as I get the renewal I will go get it renewed.
  • New military ID--It doesn't expire until summer so on track with this one.
  • CCW permit--Didn't do this class yet but may schedule it for February or March.
  • Family reunion--The date has been set and the restaurant reserved.
  • LVHRS walks--None.  I need to meet up with the group starting this month.
  • All Nevada parks--No progress this month, we will probably hit a few parks this month when the weather is better.
  • Save $10,000--No progress towards this yet.
Overall I have been inching along with these goals.  I am happy that I stuck with at least some of these goals and didn't totally throw in the towel.  I plan to redouble my efforts to catch up with some of the goals I have been slacking on.

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