Tuesday, February 6, 2018

10 Casino Freebies

We spend a lot of time in casinos.  Hubby plays poker a few days a week and I go with him and do my work so I can have a change of scenery from the house.  Of course I am always on the lookout for freebies...

  1. Free wi fi.  Nearly all of the casinos we go to offer free wifi; sometimes you need to ask the poker room staff for the code (usually casino hotel guests pay a daily fee for wifi but sports books and poker rooms offer wifi for free with a code which anyone can ask for).
  2. Free beverages.  I mean the really free ones (you don't order from a waitress which makes your "free" drinks not free if you tip the waitress).  About half of the poker rooms we go to have a self-serve place where you can get your own coffee/tea/hot chocolate/etc. at no charge.
  3. Free buffet.  Today we had a nice buffet lunch before hubby played poker because he signed up for a player's card and let them know he was a veteran so we can regularly print out free buffet coupons on "Military Mondays".  The coupons are 'buy one get one free buffets' and we paid for the second lunch with comps...
  4. "Free" comps.  If you are going to play in a casino anyway, you might as well rack up the comp points that many casinos offer.  Most casinos credit poker plays with about $1 per hour in comps which can then be used anywhere on the property--for buffets, movies, even hotel rooms.  Generally we get free meals with his comps.
  5. Free entertainment.  There is all sorts of free entertainment to be found at casinos, from live bands and floor show to free rodeo events (Southpoint Casino) and free 'sock hop' dances (Sun Coast).
  6. Free slot pulls and slot tournament.  You should get a player's club card at every casino you go to (they are free).  When the casino has your address they will often mail you small "freebies" like a free slot pull or entry into free slot tournaments as well as occasionally free buffet coupons, etc.
  7. Other free comp points.  It was hubby's birthday a couple of days ago so we went to a couple of casinos and at each casino he swiped his player's card at, he was given free additional comp points, not from playing, just free because it was his birthday (he racked up about $15 in additional comp points this way).
  8. Free buffet dinners on holidays.  Several casinos in the area give veterans free buffet dinners (for both the veteran and a guest) on Veteran's Day and Memorial Day.  These are completely free--just show up and show them your military ID!
  9. Free handouts.  Whenever you get a casino player's card made they will usually hand you some small freebie like a key chain, card holder, etc.
  10. Free nightclub entry.  This is a tricky one as it usually only works at the hottest casino nightclubs and you have to be young, beautiful, and female.  But if you fit those qualifications, the people at the door will usually let you in for free, skipping the $30 to $50 cover charge.  Occasionally guys can get in for free as well by contacting a club promoter.

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