Monday, February 12, 2018

1000 Things to Do in Las Vegas

At the beginning of the year, it was one of my goals to write a few books.  I realized that updating one of the books that I had published a while back wasn't such a great idea because the information changes so often that once the book is published and listed for sale, something that I put in the book could now be incorrect!  So I decided to make a website to list the information that was in the book (1000 Things to Do in Washington State) and finished that last month.  Hopefully it will make a bit of money with the few ads I put on the site.

The second book I wanted to write was similar to the first but focusing on Las Vegas.  Again, things change so fast here--businesses open, businesses close, businesses change names, etc--that putting the information in book format was pretty much a guarantee that the book would be outdated by the time it got published.  So I added another page to the website and wrote a list of "1000 Things to Do In Las Vegas".  After copious amounts of research and work the list is complete!  You can find it here and hopefully if you ever come to Las Vegas it will give you some ideas of activities to do here.

I told hubby that our task for the next while (year or more!) will be to do all of these activities and I will blog about them and attach the blog post to the list on the website.  He already said a flat "no way" to cliff jumping however...

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