Friday, February 23, 2018

I Love Coupons!

I'm not an extreme couponer or "coupon queen" by any stretch of the imagination but I do love me some coupons!  Today hubby used a coupon we got in our weekly junk mail for a $7.99 haircut (regularly $13.99), I used a $1 off coupon for a coffee drink, and we used some coupons in the grocery store today that were in their weekly flyer (a savings of over $12).  There are some people who have an entire coupon system and they spend hours each week search for and cataloging coupons/store sales flyers so they can save a lot of money on their shopping.  I don't go to that much effort but I do look through our junk mail for coupons on things we regularly use, check the Costco sales flyer when it comes out every few months, and go through the grocery store with their sales flyer in hand to make sure I don't miss any good discounts on things we would be buying anyway.  This is a great way to save a bit of extra money!

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