Tuesday, February 27, 2018

My Addiction of Choice

Seriously these things are as addictive as crack...not that I have ever tried crack but when I see addicts I wonder how they can let themselves get addicted to whatever their drug of choice is...as I'm walking away with my green tea frapuccino :/

According to PubMed, the "crack-like" feeling of addiction is not far off..."Caffeine acts as an antagonist at adenosine receptors, thereby blocking endogenous adenosine.  Functionally, caffeine produces a range of effects opposite those of adenosine, including the behavioral stimulant effects associated with the drug.  Importantly, caffeine has been shown to stimulate dopaminergic activity by removing the negative modulatory effects of adenosine at dopamine receptors.  Studies suggest that dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens shell may be a specific neuropharmacological mechanism underlying the addictive potential of caffeine.  Notably, dopamine release in this brain region is also caused by other drugs of dependence, including amphetamines and cocaine."

tldr: these things are addictive (and an expensive waste of money!).  Now if I can only stop ordering them...


  1. I have scaled way back on my coffee consumption and now allow Diet Coke sparingly, but I used to wake up and could only think about coffee. I still love it, but once I realized I wasn't functioning without a cup in my hand at all tiem, I knew I needed to scale back.

    1. Me too but it is so haaaaarddddd... If I don't get my daily caffeine I feel like I need a nap mid day! Good on you for cutting back!